Ninja livestreams Fortnite with Ellen

Update 2: And here it is from Ellen's perspective. The clip is brief but amusing: Ninja says that their previous team-up pulled in serious dollars, and assures her that her share is on the way. I'm not convinced that he's being entirely serious, but it's nice to see them getting on so well, and the audience clearly enjoys it too.

Update: Ninja's livestream with Ellen was over more quickly than expected, but you can catch a clip of it below courtesy of Rod Breslau. The actual episode featuring Ninja doing his thing will air tomorrow.

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Original story:

Last week, Ninja made a quick appearance on Ellen, where he did his best to teach her how to play Fortnite. Today, Ellen is returning the favor on Ninja's Twitch channel. 

Ellen is apparently streaming from her show, because her audience is cheering her on. Ninja's Twitch audience seems pretty enthusiastic too. She seems somewhat less than impressed that he just killed a llama, however.

As we said last week, this doesn't really represent a shift in Ninja's attitude toward streaming with women, but it's an encouraging step in the right direction.

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