Night in the Woods gets a February release date and a new trailer

Infinite Fall's can't-go-home-again simulator Night in the Woods has been given a new and not very distant release date of February 21. The word initially came in a Kickstarter update that is, unfortunately, for backers only, but the studio also shared the new date publicly on Twitter. 

Night in the Woods was originally meant to be out on January 10, but in December, Infinite Fall said that "last-minute things have come up," and so pushed it back. A new date wasn't announced at the time, but the studio that it expected the game would be ready in the first part of February. 

The new date misses that mark a bit, but it's close and that's good enough for me. Night in the Woods is available for preorder now from the Humble Store and other fine digital retailers. And now, a new(ish) trailer. 

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Andy Chalk

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