How to find void ore in New World

New World void ore
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Looking for void ore in New World? If you've recently hit level 60, you're probably looking for ways to increase your overall gear score. While you can follow the legendary weapon questline—which only becomes available at endgame—you might be wondering about the best way to get decent armor.

Crafting plays a big part in New World. While you can upgrade your gear by performing various activities, you can craft a legendary set of armor yourself, providing you can find the materials needed. That's where this guide comes in—so here's how to find New World void ore and how to craft Voidbent armor.

Where to find void ore in New World 

Unfortunately, void ore is very much like fae iron in that it's a rare drop from a far more common mining deposit. In this case, you want to search Aeternum for orichalcum veins, though be aware that you need a Mining level of 175 or above to gather it. 

You can find orichalcum deposits in most areas, though the largest concentrations are found on the islands to the west of Ebonscale Reach and to the northeast of Mountainhome. As void ore is a rare drop from these veins, you'll need to boost your Mining luck for a better chance of getting it. Certain foods will do this, though it's worth noting that the food buffs don't stack. You can find them listed below:

Roasted Potatoes

  • Mining buff: Increases your luck when mining by 1000 points for 20 minutes. 
  • Ingredients: Potato x1, Butter x1, Peppercorn x1

Herb-Roasted Potatoes

  • Mining buff: Increases your luck when mining by 1400 points for 25 minutes.
  • Ingredients: Potato x1, Honey x1, Butter x1, Cinnamon x1 

The only other option is to buy void ore from a Trading Post, though the price is likely to be high as it's rare.

New World Voidbent armor: How to craft it 

One of the key components of Voidbent armor is a Voidbent ingot. If you've been lucky enough to find the ore, you'll need to refine it into a Voidbent ingot. For this, you need a tier 3 Smelter and the following materials: 

  • Void ore x1
  • Void Essence x1: Found in both supply chests and ancient chests.
  • Energy Core x10: Crafted with Stonecutting skill at level 50 or higher.

You can craft Voidbent armor for every primary gear slot, and you need one Voidbent ingot for each piece. The other materials you need will depend on the piece of gear you craft, so check the individual recipes for their requirements. You also need to have reached level 200 in Armoring and have the relevant crafting station handy, which will depend on armor type. 

Heavy armor: 

  • Voidbent Helm 
  • Voidbent Breastplate 
  • Voidbent Gauntlets 
  • Voidbent Legguards
  • Voidbent Sabatons

Medium armor: 

  • Voidbent Hat
  • Voidbent Coat
  • Voidbent Grips 
  • Voidbent Leggings
  • Voidbent Boots

Light armor: 

  • Voidbent Wraps
  • Voidbent Robes
  • Voidbent Gloves
  • Voidbent Pants
  • Voidbent Shoes

For more info on high-level resources, this guide on how to find lodestone should help you out. Alternatively, if you haven't quite made it to level 60 yet, this leveling guide will get you back on track.

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