Here's what we know about New World's endgame

New World endgame
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Want to know how the New World endgame plays out? As you've been grinding your way through Aeternum, you'll probably have been wondering what Amazon's MMO has in store for you when you reach level 60. While you may be having fun while leveling, many MMOs count on its endgame to keep us logging in after we've reached max level.

As players finally start heading towards those final levels—which is a feat in itself, considering the server queues that continue to plague the game—it's time to take stock and see what New World has to offer at level 60. Here's what we know about New World's endgame.

New World endgame: What to expect 

There's a certain tendency to rush to max level as fast as possible with most MMOs. Higher levels mean more powerful weapons and gear, and the world opens up, giving you access to all those areas that meant certain death at lower levels. And, of course, there's the endgame to get stuck into.

While it varies across different MMOs, they generally all encourage you towards the same goal—getting better gear. New World is no different in this respect, and so most of these activities will reward you with superior gear or the items with which to craft it.

Faction gear

Once you reach the maximum tier for your faction at level 60, you'll gain access to gear that should be a significant upgrade. You'll need both faction tokens and gold to buy this gear, but it should give you a nice increase to your overall gear score.

Legendary weapon quests

Once you've maxed out the mastery on a weapon and completed the prerequisite quests from Eintou Madaki in Mountainhome at level 60, you'll be able to pick up a quest to get the epic version of that weapon. The quest itself tasks you with gathering the required materials so the NPC can craft it for you.

Side quests

You'll have noticed sidequests littered through the game as you've been leveling, and you may have ignored many of these to concentrate on main story quests as well as town and faction missions. Completing these side quests—especially in late-game areas—is beneficial for boosting your gear score and picking up other valuable items.

Outpost Rush

This instanced 20 v 20 PvP battleground only becomes available at level 60. It requires teamwork to balance gathering resources, capturing objectives, and defeating enemy players. You can queue for Outpost Rush by speaking with the NPC in a settlement when you reach level 60. It rewards you with a decent amount of gold as well as gear.


There are six expeditions (five-player dungeons) in total. Still, you'll want to concentrate on Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, and Lazarus Instrumentality at level 60, as these can drop epic and legendary items.

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Despite the name, Arenas are PvE content. If you find a Spriggan Key while looting enemies while out and about, you can use this at specific pillars which will teleport you—and your group if you're in one—to the 'arena' where you'll need to take down a tough Spriggan boss within a time limit. If successful, you'll be rewarded with high-quality gear.


While wars over territory aren't exclusive to level 60, the rewards you get at max level make them worth jumping into. You'll earn gold, Azoth, and a chest containing decent gear for taking part, and your rewards are increased depending on your level of participation.


PvE invasions start at level 50, but these also offer lucrative rewards once you hit max level, in the way of loot chests containing gear, Azoth, and gold. Invasions see waves of enemies attempting to take over a fort, and you'll need to weather these attacks with the aid of turrets, defence structures, and good old-fashioned teamwork.

Corrupted Breaches

Corrupted breaches happen in the open world and are recommended from around level 25 onwards. You'll find them much more challenging to deal with as you get to max level, but in return, you'll start receiving loot chests containing gear when you hit level 60.

Elite/named enemies

You'll find points of interest across the map in the high-level areas, and you'll often fight elite or boss-type enemies in these locations. It's a good idea to group up for these as they can be pretty tough, but you can find rewards from chests as well as the bosses themselves having the chance to drop decent gear and other high-level items.

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