New Minecraft RTS will finally let you control the mobs to fight The Nether

A zombiefied farmer in Minecraft Legends
(Image credit: Mojang / Xbox)

Minecraft Legends has just been announced at the Xbox and Bethesda not-E3 showcase. Rumours have been circulating about a new Minecraft spin-off and now we know it's an action strategy game coming in 2023. And it looks equal parts adorable and pretty badass. 

According to the pretty CG trailer that premiered at the show, you're uniting the land to face off against an evil force. Though not verbalised it certainly looks like that means you will be making an army of mobs to fight against The Nether. Classic Minecraft stuff with a whole new look. Of course, the staple blocky visuals are intact but you'll be playing from a further back third-person perspective to get a lay of the land. 

And unlike the original Minecraft, building structures seems to be somewhat automated so you can get to the important work of destroying your enemies. Riding across the world on horseback, you'll have the ability to summon minions for backup, fight hordes of baddies, and take on massive fortresses with your army. It's pretty action-packed compared to the often-quaint tranquility of Minecraft.

The trailer shows that the tagline is "Untie the Overworld" so I imagine as you play you become more powerful and take on more influence over larger and larger mobs. Minecraft Legends is due sometime in 2023, and will be available, of course, on Xbox Game Pass, Consoles, PC, and Cloud.  


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