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The new PC games of 2019

Games of November 2019

Planet Zoo

November 5 | Frontier | Link | Park Sim
The makers of Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution take things back a notch with some simple critter corralling. We dug it so much we made it the cover of our June issue. Take a gander at what we had to say.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

November 15 | Respawn Entertainment | Link | TBA
It took a while, but we finally have some hard details on Respawn's Star Wars game. Respawn debuted a story trailer at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, and while it doesn't showcase any gameplay (kind of a bummer), we do get a great look at protagonist Cal and his harrowing journey on the run from an Imperial Inquisitor. Respawn says they're focusing on "thoughtful combat" with lightsabers and force powers, so yep, definitely a Jedi game. Read everything else we know, and maybe we'll see more at E3.

Shenmue 3

November 2019 | Ys Net | Link | Action adventure
The sequel few thought would ever happen, Shenmue 3 features the return of martial arts everyman Ryo Hazuki as he closes in on the mystery of who killed his father. Shenmue 3 promises similar gameplay to previous entries, letting players combat enemies hand-to-hand, explore a living, populated world, and upgrade abilities. If you're not familiar with the epic saga, Shenmue 1 and 2 remasters came out recently.

Doom Eternal

November 22 | id Software | Link | FPS
They did it. They did the “hell on Earth” thing. Doomguy is coming back from his vacation on Mars to rip and tear it up in a new apocalypse that looks a hell of a lot like our own planet, complete with tentacles holding half a skyscraper in mid-air. Is that a Hell Knight with fiery blades mounted on his wrists? Is that a Cacodemon with arms (Nope, Pain Elementals—Ed)? Sign me up.

The Settlers

Fall | Ubisoft Blue Byte | Link | City sim
The Settlers series is 25 years old, and the seventh iteration came out all the way back in 2012, but Ubisoft is taking another crack at the medieval city building genre.


Autumn 2019 | The Farm 51 | Link | Survival RPG
It’s unlikely that Chernobyl’s spooky Exclusion Zone will ever go out of style, so Chernobylite tosses you back in as a former power plant physicist to find your long lost wife. The Farm 51 evidently 3D scanned the entire area, so there’s some level of realism amidst all the extradimensional monsters hunting you. Thankfully, you can do some hunting too alongside fellow stalkers, but they’ll just as quickly stab you in the back if it gets hairy.