Monaco executing its release plan on April 24

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Pocketwatch's top-down heist game Monaco (opens in new tab) picked up a lot of attention from us for its co-op team of specialized burglars and the carefully constructed capers they can execute. After years spent in the boiler, it's ready for go-time. Monaco's Twitter account (opens in new tab) says the robbing will begin April 24 on Steam (opens in new tab) .

Each thief teammate brings a focused role for pulling off heists, and I'm torn on who's the most awesome of the bunch, from the hobo-and-monkey Pickpocket combo to the Hacker's reputation as a "modern day warlock." I'm probably more of a Cleaner man—he's the sleepy-eyed fellow adept at silencing nosy guards and championing pattern baldness.

Monaco is still up for pre-ordering on its official website (opens in new tab) for $15 or a $45 four-pack.

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