MolyJam Deux invites you to spend a weekend making high-concept games pitched on Twitter

The Molyjam is back! MolyJam Deux , the second worldwide game jam where developers create games based on the tweets of Peter Molyneux parody account @PeterMolydeux , will take place from July 5 to July 7.

We had a lot of fun poring over the results of the inaugural MolyJam , and the promise of hundreds of free high-concept indie games is enough to make me almost forget about that other big gaming thing happening this week. A newly released trailer opens on a meaningless hallway (or does it mean... everything ?) while captions promise, with typical Molyneux bombasity, that the second MolyJam will “define a new generation.”

Peter Molyneux is known for both high-concept philosophical game premises, like Black & White and Curiosity , and bold overstatements about things “ defining ” other things. He annoys and inspires gamers in equal measure and Peter Molydeux, the “twisted parody” devoted to creating half-joking game concepts, is a goldmine for short games premises that get in, explore one deep idea and get out.

Look forward to games based on tweets like “Just imagine if all people were lenses? Looking through certain people in certain places reveal secrets within the environment.”

Or “Trying to write a game where you play an alarm clock that has the power of teleportation and time travel.”

Or “You are the last Bee in a world where everyone hates you. You can't sting people but can fly into car windows and cause accidents etc.”

Keep an eye on the official MolyJam Deux website for details. If you're interested in developing a game that weekend, you can look for a local event on this shared Google doc .