Midnight Ghost Hunt will start haunting computers March 31

First unveiled at E3 2019 at our very own PC Gaming Show, Midnight Ghost Hunt showed its final pre-release trailer at the Future Games Show ahead of its March 31 release date.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a 4v4 FPS/prop hunt by way of Ghostbusters (which, coincidentally, announced a new game this week), with a team of poltergeists capable of possessing inanimate objects looking to outsmart a team of paranormal investigators armed with laser guns.

The new trailer is mostly cinematic, contrasting the ghosts in their idyllic illusion with the hunters on their way to take them out. The hunters are shown using a variety of energy weapons, including a laser gatling gun, while the ghosts are not only able to hide in objects, but use them offensively to knock hunters out, leaving them open to possession.

player view of cannon posession

(Image credit: Vaulted Sky Games)

Most pre-release material for Midnight Ghost Hunt has focused on a classic spooky Victorian mansion setting, but a montage at the end of the launch trailer showed the hunters exploring a variety of locales, including a museum, pirate's cove, and hospital, indicating quite a bit of variety in the final game's maps. The map variety also lends itself to more tools for the ghost team: in the trailer you can see ghost players taking control of suits of armor, a basketball, and a ship's cannon in the pirate level, with a level of utility that reminds me of the mimic ability from Arkane's Prey.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is looking like it will offer a robust asymmetric multiplayer experience, and will be available for purchase on Steam March 31.

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