Lost Ember’s teaser trailer is gorgeous

Mooneye Studios is a small Hamburg-based independent outfit who, after having previously worked on mobile games, is now developing its first “first big project.” That’s Lost Ember—a beautiful-looking adventure game the studio showed off at Gamescom last week—and it now has its own teaser trailer:

“Discover the beauty of a world where nature has reclaimed its place from mankind,” explains the Lost Ember website, and the wolf pictured above is the game’s protagonist—a “majestic, fast and agile” creature who has the power to control other animals. 

Story-wise, there’s not too much more to go on yet besides the fact you’ll be exploring a vivid world—via land, air and water—and uncovering forgotten civilisations in a story of “hope, loss, ambition and failure.” 

Here’s a short description of how the game’s Metroidvania-like possession mechanic works: 

“These other animals can be possessed anytime the wolf encounters them along his journey and their special abilities are vital in some situations. Fly through the tops of the tree with a parrot, dive into the depths as a fish or dig your way to otherwise inaccessible areas as a mole - your ways of getting around are numerous.”

With that, I’m reminded of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis classic Rolo to the Rescue. Lost Ember isn't expected until 2018, however Mooneye plans to launch a Kickstarter when its newsletter hits 5,000 subscriptions. At the time of writing it’s over one third of the way there.