How to get the Lachlan Fortnite skin

lachlan fortnite skin
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After months of teasing, Epic has offically announced when the Lachlan Fortnite skin will become available, continuing the Fortnite Icon Series of streamer and celebrity-inspired skins.

For those not in the know (AKA me), Lachlan is a YouTuber with more than 13 million subscribers. He's been focusing on Fortnite for some time now, but he originally got his start with Minecraft and Pokémon Go content.

He also won the 2020 Fortnite Pro Am tournament in Australia with pro gamer Fresh, but that was in the before times. Good for him, though.

Here's a look at Lachlan's Fortnite skin.

fortnite lachlan skin

(Image credit: Epic Games)

So how do you get the Lachlan Fortnite skin early? Turns out you can win it early in a competition Epic is throwing together. Here's all the details you need to know.

Lachlan's Pickaxe Frenzy: How to get the Lachlan Fortnite skin

Epic is kicking off a tournament to celebrate Lachlan getting his own skin, and the winners will receive it way before it comes to the item shop.

Dubbed "Lachlan's Pickaxe Frenzy," the tournament starts on November 8.

What's the format? Using only pickaxes, trios must scour the map for items like rusty cans, impulse grenades, decoy grenades, and supply drops to help them win the match. No shields or healing items will be available, so its mano-e-mano. You can only regenerate health by eliminating an opponent or emoting. Building material caps are also set to 10, so there will be minimal building opportunities. You can check out Epic's official rules here.

Trio teams will only have two hours on November 8 to complete 10 total matches, so make sure you're prepared. Players must also have two-factor authentication on.

When does the Lachlan Fortnite skin hit the item shop?

If you miss out on your chance to compete for the Lachlan skin in Fortnite, or just fail to place well enough to win it, you can always buy it later in the item shop.

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Epic did announce the date it'll come to the shop: November 12 at 7 PM ET. We don't have any official word on how many V-bucks it will cost, but odds are it'll be a premium item much like Ninja and Loserfruit's skins were.

Epic added that there will also be other Lachlan cosmetics, including a back bling, an emote, and a pickaxe. Odds are that Epic will sell them all in a bundle and as individual items for a higher overall price.

The Fortnite Icon Series is Epic's way of promoting its relationship with some high-profile streamers and celebrities, resulting in rare skins that players can buy. That means you can look like Ninja, Loserfruit, or hip-hop star Travis Scott, who performed in Fortnite's (literally) biggest in-game event back as the COVID-19 pandemic was really starting to hit.

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