Jurassic World Evolution release date set

"When exactly can I play with raptors, T-Rex and stagosauri in a Frontier-made theme park construction and business simulator?" is a question I asked when Jurassic World Evolution was revealed last year. "When can Jeff Goldblum figuratively oversee me playing every videogame forevermore?" is a question I then asked when the developer announced this.

I now know the answer to one of those. Jurassic World Evolution is due June 12, 2018. Here's a trailer:

With that, we're given a glimpse of dinosaurs butting heads, how tourists will navigate the world, and the game's park development mechanics across the Muertes Archipelago's five playable islands. 

"They’re the main locations in the game," lead designer Andrew Fletcher told Andy last year in reference to the latter. "The cool thing about having multiple islands is that they have different characteristics and will throw different challenges at you. Each one represents a clean slate too. Every time you expand your empire, your operation strength increases and you get access to more resources, more dinosaurs. This means you can approach each new island in a new way."

More dinosaurs will most likely mean more disasters for me, if my track record for multitasking in business sims is anything to go by. The films have repeatedly shown us that dinos don't mix well with humans—therefore I'm most interested to see how Jurassic World Evolution handles its quieter moments.   

I guess we'll find out come June 12. Before you go, here's a batch of new screens: