July's Humble Monthly kicks things off with Dark Souls 2 plus DLC for $12

Humble Monhtly is a subscription service where you pay $12 to get over $100 worth of games every month. July's Humble Monthly is live now, and the first game to be added is Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is essentially the director's cut version of the game which came out in 2014. It contains all of the Dark Souls II DLC, adds DirectX 11 support, brings in new items, adds new enemy placements, and generally makes things a bit tougher. 

Scholar of the First Sin is normally £30 / $40, so you're already making a saving by grabbing this month's bundle. However, more games will be added soon to sweeten the deal even further. Plus, Monthly subscribers also get a 10 percent discount on the Humble Store for as long as they're subscribed. 

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Update: It's still early June, but this is actually the Monthly Bundle for July.