Jensen Huang thinks Jackie Chan would play him best in a biopic but he would 'do his own stunts'

Nvidia's Jensen Huang played by Jackie Chan in biopic
(Image credit: HP)

In a recent conversation with Ryan Patel on HP's "The Moment" YouTube series, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed a number of personal revelations, including that he thinks Jackie Chan would be best suited to play him in a film about himself. "He looks just like me" he reveals, "But I would do my own stunts…I'll do all my own typing".

Clad in his famous leather jacket, the Nvidia head honcho answered a series of questions that cover everything from the early days of Nvidia through to his thoughts on our preparedness for a future of day-to-day use of generative AI (via Tom's Hardware). However perhaps some of the most interesting answers spring from the more personal questions, like discussing his first job at Denny's and his go-to pickup line in college. 

We also learn that he's not a fan of milkshakes as they were the hardest thing to make, and that he eats pancakes by folding them in half. This is a more casual interview than most of the Jensen one-to-ones we've seen before, and it's interesting to see a more personal side of the CEO beyond his now-famous keynote speeches and product reveals.

Let's be honest though, it's the thought of Jackie Chan playing Jensen that really gets our collective minds boggling. Call us speculative here, but thinking about the potential plot and a martial arts movie crossover suggests that we could one day see Jackie/Jensen sliding down the bannisters at Nvidia HQ and fighting off AMD assassins with a 4090 in each hand. The Nvidia Shield would of course have to make an appearance, and perhaps a 4060 Ti could be used to descend on a zipline. But we digress.

Given how central Nvidia has become to the tech industry as a whole with their machine-learning advances, perhaps a Jensen Huang biopic isn't such a far-fetched idea after all. Certainly as big CEOs continue to promote their personal brand and become attached to the identity of a company, it might not be too long before we start seeing these sort of tie-ins become a reality.

Two tickets and a bucket of popcorn please. We'll be there on opening night. 


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