Nvidia was born in Denny's and now a booth in the East San Jose restaurant has been dedicated to the trillion-dollar company

Denny's Nvidia booth plaque.
(Image credit: NVIDIA)

If you are ever in California and want to have breakfast around some PC gaming history, Denny's dedicated a corner booth to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang at its San Jose location, where its founders came up with the idea for a "chip that would enable realistic 3D graphics on personal computers." 

According to the company blog, the story goes that in 1993, the three founders of Nvidia— Huang, Curtis Priem, and Chris Malachowsy—got together at the San Jose Denny's to discuss the creation of a 3D graphics chip.

Apparently, they ordered a Lumberjack Slam, Moons Over My Hammy, a Super Bird sandwich, and a ton of coffee. 

It's not uncommon for places like these to be the birthplace of billion-dollar companies or just a place to recover from a night out. 24-hour diners in the US have a long-standing tradition of not kicking you out as long as you don't cause trouble and at least order a cup of coffee. 

Huang told Kelli Valade, Denny's CEO, "It had all the coffee you could drink, and no one could chase you out."

The CEO's first job was working at a Denny's at age 16, where he worked as a dishwasher, busboy, and waiting tables, bragging that "no one could carry more coffee cups than I can." He also said that his first hamburger and milkshake when his family came from Taiwan was at Denny's, so it makes sense that the restaurant chain holds a special place in his heart.

Huang did dish out some career advice that folks should "start your first job in the restaurant business." He continued by saying that it "teaches you humility, it teaches you hard work, it teaches you hospitality."

Denny's Nvidia booth plaque.

(Image credit: NVIDIA)

Nvidia brought in about $26 billion in revenue this year alone, and its current stock price is $425 a share. So, Jensen knows a thing or two about business, and I'd also argue if you need a great idea, the corner booth is what you want. 

In celebration of the booth dedication, Denny's has announced the 'Denny's Trillion-Dollar Incubator Contest,' offering a cash prize in seed money for the "next trillion dollar idea."


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