In Win's 2018 concept case marries PC hardware and fine art

It's the first exhibition day of Computex 2018, and that means I had a morning mission: find In Win's booth. This case company always makes beautiful PC cases that go heavy on the glass, but that's not the big draw. The Computex booth every year has a crazy concept case to draw attention, and no matter how outlandish, In Win always makes a limited number to sell to those who can afford them. My favorite was 2015's transforming H-Tower, though last year's Winbot was pretty cute, too. This year In Win took a pretty different approach, but it's still one of the most striking cases at the show. It's called the Z-Tower.

This thing is a giant aluminum sculpture, made up of eight interconnected pieces. There's a vertical motherboard mount in the center that can house a working open-air PC, though In Win gave its designers free reign to create something that would look cool on its own, no PC required. A clever case modder could probably grow a tree in this thing.

Really, though, I think I know what the Z-Tower is destined for. It definitely looks like the perfect prop for the lobby of an evil corporation in a sci-fi movie. That one's free, Hollywood.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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