How to watch new Paradox and indie game announcements this weekend

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In this quiet time between The Game Awards and E3, we naturally get a bit thirsty for new game announcements, trailers, and news. You can get your fix all weekend long, however, at The MIX's Game Dev Direct, a two-day streaming event that will include Paradox Insider, Bitsummit, Black Voices In Gaming, and lots of new indie game announcements, game trailers, and more.

The Game Dev Direct event kicks off Saturday, March 13, and you'll be able to watch it right here on The MIX Twitch channel. Some of the games included that caught our eye are moving city-builder The Wandering Village, chill driving sim Lake, dog-centric photography game Pupperazi, deckbuilder Roguebook, and creepy stealth sim Hello Neighbor 2, but there are tons more games included and you can find a full list at The MIX's website.

Paradox Insider can also be watched on The MIX Twitch channel, and will include a look at upcoming games, new content coming to some of Paradox's existing games, and interviews with the developers.

We'll be covering all the juicy news, so check back with us during the weekend if you skip out on the stream. Here's the scheduled lineup for the The MIX's Game Dev Direct streaming event:

Saturday, March 13

 9 am Pacific | 6 pm CET: The MIX Showcase

Presenting new announcements, game footage, special guests, and more from publishers and developers of all sizes.

11 am Pacific | 8 pm CET: Paradox Insider

Paradox Interactive will have a brand new Paradox Insider, an “inside look” at upcoming titles from the publisher’s catalog, featuring new trailers, deep-dives into new game content, and interviews with the developers of Paradox’s award-winning games.

Noon Pacific | 9 pm CET: Post Show

Extended segments with selected games, including live gameplay and Q & A with developers.

Sunday, March 14

9 am Pacific | 6 pm CET: The MIX Showcase

Continuing showcase, with additional announcements, game footage, special guests, and more.

Noon Pacific | 9 pm CET: Black Voices in Gaming

Highlighting Black voices in the gaming industry, dedicated exclusively to presenting games created by Black developers, titles featuring Black protagonists, and conversations with these creators.

11 am Pacific | 8 pm CET: BitSummit

Sampling of games from our BitSummit friends in the Pacific Rim.

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