Pupperazzi lets you photograph dogs—what more could you want?

I might write about videogames to keep the lights on, but my true passion is dog photography. The world is full of dogs, and some of them aren't being photographed at all. This keeps me up at night. Pupperazzi might be just the salve I need, then, as it is full of dogs ready to be snapped. 

Announced during yesterday's Wholesome Games showcase, Pupperazzi is a dog-rich environment, with all sorts of breeds just waiting for their antics to be captured for posterity. Prospective photographers will bump into shibas, terriers, labs, pugs and other new pals, who can then be played with, dressed up, and participate in dance parties. 

Since all dogs deserve the very best, you'll be able to upgrade your camera, employ filters, use slow-mo, and then put your snaps in galleries and share them online. 

There's a real deluge of warm, fuzzy and wholesome games right now, offering plenty of low-pressure escapes, but I can't envision a time when I'm all maxed out on photographing cute pets. While we wait for Pupperazzi, I'll once again recommend Toripon, which tasks you with photographing lots of little birds for online influence.

According to the Steam page, Pupperazzi is coming soon. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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