How to grow carrots in Valheim

Valheim carrot farming
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Looking to expand your vegetable patch with some Valheim carrots? It can be difficult to know which food is best for filling your belly in this Norse realm, but if you're just beginning to plant seeds in Valheim, it's worth learning a bit more about this tasty root vegetable.

Carrots may be all the rage with rabbits in the real world, but in Valheim they're far more popular with boars you find in the Meadows. Whether you're eager to breed some friendly piggies, or need to slurp a hearty bowl of carrot soup before a Valheim boss fight, I'm here to teach you everything there is to know about these healthy snacks. Here's how to grow them with this Valheim carrot farming guide, including where to find carrot seeds, and how to harvest them.

How to grow carrots

How to plant carrots in Valheim

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Before you can begin planting carrots, you need some carrot seeds. These can be found in the Black Forest biome on your map. Scour the forest floor for clusters of blue flowers, and it won't be long until you have a pocketful of carrot seeds.

Planting seeds back at your base also requires you to craft a cultivator. This farming tool prepares the soil for sowing your homegrown vegetables, but you'll need to gather a list of materials from the Black Forest and craft a forge before you can make one. Here's how to get a cultivator:

  • Equipment: Workbench, forge. 
  • Core Wood x5: Chop down Pine trees in the Black Forest.
  • Bronze x5: Combine Copper x2 and Tin x1 in a forge. 

To plant carrot seeds in Valheim you need to equip the cultivator tool and left-click on a grass tile to cultivate it. Then, right-click to open the menu and select the carrot seeds to plant them. One carrot seed will yield one carrot and it takes roughly three in-game days for carrots to grow. Early on, it's a good idea to save your carrots and re-plant them as 'seed-carrots'. These yield three seeds per carrot, and save you time trudging out to the Black Forest to hunt for more seeds. You can do the same thing with turnips, too.

How to harvest carrots

Once your carrots are fully grown, all you need to do is walk over to them and press E to harvest them. If you've planted lots of them in rows across your cultivated land, hold E and walk over the vegetables to pick them up quickly.

Carrot recipes and stats

Valheim carrot recipes 

While I recommend keeping a few carrots handy for taming boars, you can also turn them into carrot soup. Eating carrots won't help you to see in the dark, but they'll keep you going when you need a quick snack. 

Consuming a raw carrot will take up one of the three food slots in your stomach. However, going the extra mile to cook the carrots into a soup will give you better health and stamina stats for a longer period of time. You need a cauldron to craft this orange elixir, so here's how to make one:

  • Equipment: Workbench.
  • Tin x10: Smelt tin ore, found in the Black Forest.

Once your cauldron is bubbling away over a campfire, here's how to make carrot soup:

  • Equipment: Cauldron
  • Mushroom x1: Found on the ground in the Meadows and Black Forest.
  • Carrot x3
Swipe to scroll horizontally
FoodMax HealthStaminaHealing (per tick)Duration (seconds)Biome
Carrot soup20602HP1500Black Forest
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