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How to upgrade your forge in Valheim

how to make Valheim forge
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After building a basic home and collecting some food (opens in new tab), a Valheim forge is one of the first structures you should consider making. Second to the workbench, your forge is a vital crafting station that lets you make the best Valheim armor (opens in new tab), weapons (opens in new tab), and tools so that you can continue to improve your settlement.

As you sink more hours into your adventures in Viking purgatory, you'll want to upgrade your forge and begin crafting more valuable structures and items. Whether you're ready to start chopping down birch trees with a bronze axe (opens in new tab), or you're keen to wield the formidable Porcupine mace, here's how to craft and upgrade a forge in Valheim.

How to craft a forge

How to make a Valheim forge

The forge is similar to the workbench in that it can be used to craft new items, as well as repair them. Most notably, the forge is used to turn your freshly smelted iron (opens in new tab), bronze, and copper (opens in new tab) bars into durable armor and weapons. To make a forge you need:

  • Equipment: Workbench (opens in new tab)
  • Coal x4: Overcook meat or place wood in a charcoal kiln. Also dropped by surtlings and found in chests.
  • Copper x6: Mine copper ore and smelt it using a smelter.
  • Stone (opens in new tab) x4: Find on the ground.
  • Wood x10: Chop down trees.

How to upgrade your forge

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How to upgrade your Valheim forge

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While it's tempting to tuck your forge away neatly in a corner, it's a good idea to leave some room around it. Just like the workbench, you can fill the room with additional structures that level up this heavyweight crafting table, which unlocks more recipes and upgrade options. You can craft and place these items in any order, and once you have one of each, you'll have a level seven forge.

The main thing to remember is that you need to place the structures close to the forge. Keep an eye out for a sparkly line linking the forge to each item to check you've done it correctly (above). Here are all the items you need to fully upgrade your forge, and the resources required for each:

  • Anvils: Wood x5, bronze x2.
  • Forge bellows: Wood x5, deer hide x5, chain x4.
  • Forge cooler: Fine Wood x25, copper x10.
  • Forge toolrack: Wood x10, iron x15.
  • Grinding wheel: Wood x25, sharpening stone x1 (requires a stonecutter).
  • Smith's anvil: Wood x5, iron x20.

The anvils are the best structure to focus on first as they only require a small amount of wood and bronze. The forge bellows are more challenging to craft as this item requires four chains. This item can be found in the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp, and they're occasionally dropped by Wraiths. But be warned: this area is notoriously difficult to traverse. Find out how to survive the biome in Chris' Valheim Swamp guide (opens in new tab).

Forge recipes

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Forge recipes and level requirements

Once you've crafted a forge you can put your stash of valuable metals to good use. If you're not sure what to craft or repair at your brand new station, here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

ItemRecipeCrafting levelRepair level
Bronze armor set (helmet, plate cuirass, plate leggings)Bronze x15, deer hide x6OneOne
Iron armor set (helmet, greaves, scale mail)Deer hide x6, iron x60OneTwo
Wolf armor set (cape, chest, leggings)Silver x44, wolf pelt x16, wolf fang x4, wolf trophy x1, chain x1TwoTwo
Padded armor set (helmet, cuirass, greaves)Iron x30, linen thread x55TwoTwo

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ItemRecipeCrafting levelRepair level
Bronze axeBronze x8, leather scraps x2, wood x4OneOne
CultivatorBronze x5, core wood x5OneOne

ItemRecipeCrafting levelRepair level
Draugr Fang bowAncient bark x10, deer hide x2, guck x10, silver x20TwoTwo
Silver swordIron x5, leather scraps x3, wood x2, silver x40ThreeThree
Serpent scale shieldFine wood x10, iron x4, serpent scale x8ThreeThree

ItemRecipeCrafting levelRepair level
Bronze nails (20)Bronze x1One-

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