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Farming Honkai: Star Rail Trailblaze EXP is something you'll find yourself doing a lot of in miHoYo's new sci-fi adventure. Like Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact, your overall Trailblaze level affects your world, the rewards you get, and your ability to ascend and level up characters—it's effectively a signifier of your overall progression. You can increase your level by getting Trailblaze EXP, and early on, you won't really notice that you're earning it as you progress. 

However, before long you'll bump up against missions that have Trailblaze Level requirements—even sooner if you haven't been doing anything besides the main story.  When you gain a Trailblaze Level, make sure you return to Pom-Pom the conductor on the Astral Express to get some rewards. Otherwise, here's every way to get Trailblaze EXP plus the best way to farm it in-game.

Honkai: Star Rail Trailblaze EXP farm

The best way to get Trailblaze EXP early on is through Interastral Guide goals. These objectives mirror your overall progression, so it's quite easy to hit them while simply playing the game, and they give 100 EXP each. You'll also get lots by completing the main story missions.

In terms of farming Trailblaze, the Daily Training goals are definitely the most efficient way, and you can find them in the Daily Training section of the Interastral Guide. Complete the daily mission along with some random challenges and you can claim up to 1,000 EXP, plus some credits, and Stellar Jade from its reward track.

Otherwise, here's a complete list of ways to get Trailblaze EXP including the two mentioned above:

  • Complete missions: Quests usually give you hundreds of Trailblaze EXP.
  • Open treasure chests: You can find these loot caches pretty much everywhere in the game and the map tells you if you've opened every chest in an area in the top left. Each basic chest gets you 5 EXP, while a bountiful chest gives you 20, and a precious chest 30.
  • Daily training goals: Found in the Daily Training section of the Interastral Guide, hitting these daily goals and completing the daily mission provides points you can use to claim rewards, including up to 1,000 Trailblaze EXP each day.
  • Complete Interastral Guide goals: These goals are based on general progression and each gives you 100 EXP. Find the Interastral Guide on your phone, and complete all five goals to get some extra rewards and unlock the next set.
  • Calyx activities: Similar to the Blossoms of Wealth and Wisdom in Genshin Impact, these little battle challenges marked by flowers can be found out in the world and farmed for materials and 50 EXP per battle. Find the full list of them in the Survival Index section of the Interastral Guide once you find the first on Jarilo-VI. Since Star Rail has an auto-battle function, you can always set your party to do an easy six wave Calyx and farm it while you do something else, provided you have enough Trailblaze Power or fuel.
  • Caverns of Corrosion: These relic farming domains that you unlock during the main story quest on Jarilo-VI also give 200 Trailblaze EXP per completion.
  • Simulated Universe: First-time clears of worlds in the Simulated Universe at the Herta Space Station give you 600 Trailblaze EXP.
  • Echo of War: Once you complete the story on Jarilo-VI, you can replay boss battles in the Interastral Guide to earn 150 Trailblaze EXP as well as the potential to get boss materials, light cones, and relics.
  • Stagnant Shadow: Though they won't unlock until your world is at Equilibrium two, these little challenge battles for ascension materials also give you 150 Trailblaze EXP.
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