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The Honkai: Star Rail Stellar Jade currency is what you'll be using to get new characters in the game. With the premium alt-bucks, you'll be purchasing Star Rail Passes to try your chances with the game's Gacha mechanics.

As with Genshin Impact's Primogems, there are lots of ways that you can farm these up yourself if you're a no-spend player. You just need to be willing to do the daily activities that provide them.

There are also plenty of one-off Stellar Jade rewards and Star Rail Passes to collect when you first start your space-faring voyage on the Astral Express. Here, I'll explain the best way to farm Stellar Jade consistently, as well as all of the other ways you can collect it in the game.

Honkai: Star Rail Stellar Jade farm

The most consistent way to farm Stellar Jade is to complete Daily Training goals. You can find these objectives in the Daily Training section of the Interastral Guide. Complete the mission and a few random challenges of your choosing to get points, which you can use to claim rewards, including up to 60 Stellar Jade per day, plus lots of credits, and Trailblaze EXP, too.

Here are all of the other ways you can get Stellar Jade. Most of these are one-off rewards, but as with missions and chests, some will provide quite a few as you travel through the game:

  • Completing missions: While not every mission gives you Stellar Jade, most quests seem to reward you with between 30-60.
  • Forgotten Hall: This set of battle challenges unlocks on the Astral Express when you reach Trailblaze Rank 21, and rewards you with 200 Stellar Jade for every three objectives you complete during each challenge.
  • Operation Briefing: When you complete all five goals in the Interastral Guide, you can collect Operation Briefing rewards, which usually contain 50 Stellar Jade.
  • Trailblaze Level: When you get enough Trailblaze EXP, you'll go up a level, and can collect rewards from Pom-Pom the conductor. Some of these contain 50 or 100 Stellar Jade.
  • Trailblazing Will: This permanent beginner event gives you Star Rail Passes and Stellar Jade as you increase your Trailblaze Level. The rewards are at level 5, 15, 25, and 35, and it can be found in the Travel Log.
  • Simulated Universe: First-time completion rewards for Simulated Universe worlds at the Herta Space Station include around 100 Stellar Jade. You can also earn up to 75 weekly by scoring points through world completions. Click on the Current Score section to see this reward track. You can also earn a few Stellar Jade for each new blessing you unlock while in the universe if you head to the Index after.
  • World shops: In each world you visit there's a unique currency you can spend at world shops and vendors. Hitting the listed spend goals rewards you with 50 Stellar Jade that you can claim on the left side of the vendor screen.
  • Opening chests: Treasure is found all over and you can tell if you've opened every chest in an area by the indicator in the top left of the map. Basic chests get you five Stellar Jade, bountiful gives you 20, and precious rewards 30.
  • Achievements: You'll unlock lots of these by simply playing the game and they can be collected in the Achieved part of your menu for five, 10, or 20 Stellar Jade.
  • Character Aptitude: Trying out the five-star character in the Aptitude Showcase event in the Travel Log nets you 20 Stellar Jade and this will refresh each time there's a new five-star.
  • Equilibrium: Completing the challenge to raise your world level gives you some Stellar Jade.
  • Messages: It sounds strange, but a lot of message conversations will give you five Stellar Jade at the end of them, though they are well worth reading either way because of how funny they are.
  • Warp Trotters: These little interdimensional space pigs can be found in various locations and they drop 60 Stellar Jade if you catch and defeat them in combat before they escape.

That's all of the main ways you can get Stellar Jade. While the Daily Training Goals are the best way to farm the currency, it's worth noting that you can get Star Rail Passes in Herta's Store for the Simulated Universe, as part of your Trailblaze Level rewards, and in the Warp exchange.

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