Here's when to earn Hogwarts Legacy Twitch drops for special cosmetics

Hogwarts Legacy - A Gryffindor student holds his wand up while standing in Hogsmeade.
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Hogwarts Legacy has queued up five special student cosmetic items that you can earn only through Twitch Drops, four of which you'll get from watching anyone playing the game while the last is specifically being handed out to viewers of the official Avalanche Software launch week livestreams. 

To set things up so you can claim your rewards, start by creating a WB Games account and linking it to your Twitch account over on the Hogwarts Legacy site. With that done, all you've got to do is clock a total of two hours and twenty minutes of assorted Hogwarts Legacy Twitch stream watching. After you've earned the goods you'll be able to change your appearance with your new threads. 

Here's what you can earn and when you'll need to do it.

Hogwarts Legacy Twitch drop rewards 

The first four rewards are: 

  • Silver dragon-eyed spectacles
  • Urchin hat
  • Carmine lightning bolt scarf
  • Lilac ensemble

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You'll earn those one at a time for each 30 minutes you spend watching any Hogwarts Legacy livestream with Twitch Drops enabled. You have between now and February 24 to earn those, so no pressure.

To earn the Hogwarts Legacy Merlin's cloak, you'll need to watch at least 20 minutes of the launch day livestream on the Avalanche Software channel. That's taking place on Friday, February 10 at 8 am PT. Here's what that equals in a few other timezones:

  • 8 am PT, February 10
  • 11 am ET, February 10
  • 4 pm GMT, February 10
  • 5 pm CET, February 10
  • 3 am AEDT, February 11

Avalanche doesn't specify how long the launch day livestream is planned for, but the early access livestream on February 7 was live for one hour. We can probably expect a similar timeline for the proper launch day. 


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