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Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Vaults are a great way of getting extra gear while also exploring the wizarding world. These little troves of treasure are marked on your map, and so are pretty easy to locate when you're out and about raiding goblin camps and doing Merlin Trials. There are plenty scattered throughout the map, and like the trials, there are a variety of spells needed to access them.

If you've just arrived at Hogwarts, you might want to know how to get a broom so you can move around faster, or how exactly you're meant to solve those weird Puzzle Doors. That said, here's how to access each of the Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Vaults so you can plunder them for gold and good gear.

How to open every Treasure Vault 

Switches and spell cubes are often hidden near the entrance (Image credit: Portkey Games)

Just like the Merlin Trials you trip over every few feet in the Highlands, you'll also happen upon lots of Treasure Vaults when exploring the world. While some Treasure Vaults let you walk right in the front door, others are concealed behind puzzles that require specific spells, or are guarded by fearsome enemies. 

Here's every Treasure Vault I've encountered so far and how to get inside each of them:

  • Spell cube: Use Revelio to find a nearby spell cube and take it to the plate in front of the vault door using Accio or Wingardium Leviosa. Now, perform the correct spell on the cube based on its markings, i.e flame for Incendio, snowflake for Glacius, leaf for Leviosa. This will open the door.
  • Collapsed entrance: Use Reparo on the collapsed entrance to the vault so you can get inside.
  • Kill enemies: Defeat the enemies standing guard outside to gain access to the vault.
  • Pull a switch: Use Revelio to locate a nearby hidden wall switch with a handle, then use Accio to pull on the switch, opening the vault entrance.
  • Blow it open: Use Confringo or Bombarda to blow open this blocked vault entrance and gain access.
  • Plain ol' lock: Some Treasure Vaults aren't protected by magic at all, but just have plain old locked doors. Use Alohomora to open them after you get it from Gladwin Moon for collecting the Demiguise Statues.
  • Push or pull: Use Accio or Repulso to push or pull open these stone double doors and get into the vault.
  • Burn the vines: Use Incendio or Confringo to burn the vines covering the entrance so you can get inside.

Once inside the Treasure Vault, you'll either be able to access the chest straight away or will have to solve another puzzle to get to it. Luckily, these follow the same rough guidelines as the challenges above. Some require you to levitate a spell cube over a barrier and place it on a plate, some have you pull switches with Accio, while others involve using a weighted cube to access a chest hidden underneath a sinking floor. 

In terms of solving these secondary vault puzzles, Revelio is your best friend, highlighting the interactable elements in the room as well as the chest, so you can quickly work out how to open it.

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