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Hitman: Absolution is free on GOG

(Image credit: Io Interactive)

Hitman: Absolution can be yours for the low cost of nothing at all. GOG is giving away Agent 47's least popular outing, not counting the films, for the next three days. 

Hitman 3's announcement might have you searching for another murder fix to keep you going until January, and I suppose there are worse stealth games you could pick. Absolution's problem is that, somehow, Io Interactive temporarily forgot why people loved Blood Money. 

Instead of building on its best game, the developer focused on cinematics and a rubbish story, and worst of all it got rid of the open, sandboxy missions, cutting them up into separate areas, often with scripted events. On the rare occasions it actually gives you a proper open-ended mission, it does start to approach the quality of its predecessor, but those moments are far too few.  

Tom Francis gave it 66 in his Hitman: Absolution review, but Andy Kelly argues that it's not as bad as you remember. It's a bad Hitman game but a decent action-stealth affair, he reckons. It's definitely better if you're getting it for free.

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