Hitman 3 is coming in January

Agent 47 made his big return today at Sony's PlayStation 5 event with the official unveiling of Hitman 3, the "most intimate and professional contract in his entire career."

"As long-time Hitman fans will know, our games and locations are always built with unparalleled player choice and replayability in mind. Hitman 3 is no different," IO Interactive senior community manager Travis Barbour said on the PlayStation Blog. "In fact, our next game encourages players to explore and interact with the game world in new ways that will reward them in future playthroughs. We want the game to be tactile and we want players to feel that their actions have an impact on what is going on around them and their future playthroughs."

Barbour also said that locations and progression from Hitman 2 will carry over into the third game, and in fact the entire Hitman trilogy will be playable in Hitman 3. He didn't reveal details, saying only, "We’re very proud to have the entire trilogy all playable from within Hitman 3 and to make it the ultimate place to play any game from the trilogy," but my guess is that it will offer something similar to the Legacy Pack DLC that brought updated Hitman missions to Hitman 2.

Interestingly, after the PS5 event was over, developer IO Interactive released a different trailer, embedded below, that sets up what looks to be real trouble for 47. "All your hard work, all your sacrifice, only sped up the process. And now you find yourself alone. Only death awaits."

You can find out more about Agent 47's new adventure at hitman.com. Hitman 3 will conclude the Hitman trilogy in January 2021.

Andy Chalk

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