Here's an oversized rumble motor obliterating a gaming PC playing Crysis. You're welcome

To hell with weak heart rumble features in the back of controllers. At least that's what I assume went through the mind of Jatin Patel from YouTube channel Teenenggr before they went about creating something much, much bigger.

Watching Patel trying to maintain a steady aim in Crysis while a 250-Volt induction motor seemingly shakes their entire house to bits has to be one of the most entertaining videos I've watched all week. And all I do in my spare time is scroll endlessly through Tik Tok, so that's quite the compliment.

You can check out Patel's creation in the video above (good spot, Kotaku) or check out their website for more creations. Including such things as a robotic street band, or this dubstep plate woofer? I don't know what it is or how it works, all I know is I've got to experience that thing first hand.

Which all has me thinking how far will PC gamers go in the name of total immersion? We've had smell-o-vision, excessive rumble vests, and virtual reality. What's next? The animus from the Assassin's Creed movie? 

I'd try it, sure.

Jacob Ridley
Senior Hardware Editor

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