GTA 5 Redux graphics mod looks better than ever ahead of next week’s release

Since its PC release last year, Grand Theft Auto 5 has been subjected to a whole host of neat mods and maps and updates, but arguably the most ambitious of the lot is Josh Romito’s GTA 5 Redux. Taking aim at the base game’s weather system, the conduct of police officers, and pedestrian behaviour—among a host of other things—Redux looks to make marked improvements on its already impressive source material. 

Out next week, August 26, the latest trailer looks pretty impressive:

Full details of the changes can be found via the mod’s official site, which includes this handy FAQ. Perhaps the most interesting changes, though, relate to the aforementioned tweaks to Los Santos’ police presence. 

“The mod [includes] a 100 percent re-configured wanted system, allowing for five star military with tanks, four star FBI and three star swat,” reads the blurb

“New, previously unused law enforcement vehicles added to dispatch (multiple different helicopters, military vehicles, tanks, undercover, etc.). Officers and military now have new tactics and skill, more advanced weapon load outs, and new AI capabilities. Female police added to dispatch, as well as other unused character models.”

GTA 5 Redux is due August 26.