GTA 5 Iron Man script mod launches awesome Version 2.0

Back in 2015, Grand Theft Auto 5 modder extraordinaire JulioNIB launched the Iron Man script mod—a fairly crude but enjoyable creation that reimagined players as Tony Stark's not-so-alter automatonic ego. Weeks later, the creator had crafted some far more convincing superhero attire by way of the Mini Hulkbuster IronmanV mod

Now, some two odd years on, JulioNIB brings us the 'GTA 5 Ironman Script Mod Version 2'. 

And it's a belter. With a host of new animations, new effects, new sounds, and new ways to tear up the streets of Los Santos, players can now vapourise hostile pursuers, charge down vehicles from above or split the concrete sidewalk by virtue of new landing animations as they best see fit. 

A fancy new UI mirrors what Robert Downey Jr's interpretation of the Marvel hero sees while strapped into the red and yellow power suit, however when you're juggling two police cars and a swat van simultaneously that all seems a touch superfluous. 

Here's Version 2 of the Iron Man script mod in motion:

If that tickles your fancy, the GTA 5 Ironman Script Mod Version 2 can be downloaded over here

It's worth noting that JulioNIB's most recent work is charged via his or her Patreon page, but if the standard of their back catalogue is anything to go by, I'd suggest that $2 price tag is worth it.