Smash up GTA 5 with Hulkbuster armor


So, I've been patrolling GTA 5's city of Los Santos, wearing Tony Stark's Hulkbuster armor, which has been modded in thanks to master craftsman JulioNIB. I'm having a nice time. The armor looks great, I can fly, and I'm keeping the city safe.

The only problem is there's no Hulk. I'm all dressed up with no Hulk to bust. I look everywhere, but all I find are the city's usual non-gamma-radiated normals, and they're not the types who will pick up a truck and throw it into outer space or punch the ground so hard the earth's orbit will be altered. With no Hulk, I sort of don't know what to do with myself.


As I'm flying around, kinda bored, I get a sudden glimpse of something big and green. Is it the Hulk? Probably not—I don't hear any screaming or declarations of the intention to smash—but it's worth checking out.

I plunge down from the sky, landing dramatically, ready to do some busting, but it turns out to just be one of those green garbage trucks.


On the other hand, I did whoosh out of the sky heroically, so I should probably bust something. I give the truck a little dose of my repulsor beam, and it explodes, taking a nearby car with it.

Well, you can guess the rest. The police arrive and they are not pleased. While Iron Man isn't really the kind of misunderstood hero who constantly tangles with the good guys, I have to assume the Hulk won't magically appear. So, I start whomping on the cops.


The mod comes with a number of powers in addition to flying and looking cool. You can pick up, carry, and throw vehicles. You've got both single and double-handed repulsor blasts, as well as a chest repulsor. You can also fire homing missiles and darts, and you have a machine-gun, though I don't know why the Hulkbuster armor would fire bullets, which the Hulk is impervious to. Maybe just to get his attention?

While in the air, you can also target and attack enemies on the ground, which gives you a burst of speed and lets you land with a tremendous impact. That's a lot of fun, even with no Hulk to do it to.



I don't know if you've installed any OpenV mods or skins for GTA 5 yet, but if you haven't it's a bit exhausting. There are a number of steps, a bunch of different folders to manage and instructional videos to watch and different items to plop in very specific places.

JulioNIB has provided some pretty good instructions here, and links to everything you need to download, but keep in mind those instructions also link to a lot of other instructions and several videos. Also keep in mind: editing game files with OpenIV makes permanent changes to the files, so back up your game folder before you go messing with it.

Worth it? Hell, yeah. Getting to fly around Los Santos with Hulkbuster armor is fun, even if the Hulk never shows up.


Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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