Grab a Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse for just $40

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Logitech sells some of the best PC accessories around, from headsets to keyboards to gaming mice. The G305 Lightspeed is one of the company's cheapest wireless mice designed or gaming, and now you can get one for $39.99. The price has jumped between $40 and $50 over the past few months, and now it's at the low end of that range.

This is a wireless gaming mouse that connects to your PC with a small USB receiver, so it works with anything that supports normal USB mice: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, and even that old Dell laptop from 2004 sitting in your closet. Logitech advertises a 1 ms response time, and the "Hero" sensor has a maximum sensitivity level of 12,000 DPI. That's more than enough for most PC gamers, though it doesn't quite match the 16-20K DPI numbers found in more expensive mice. But bigger doesn't always mean better, and this is the same sensor Logitech puts in all of its high-end gaming mice, most of which are more expensive than G305.

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Mouse | $39.99 (save $20)

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Mouse | $39.99 (save $20)
This is one of Logitech's cheapest wireless mice built for gaming, and it's a great option for anyone on a tight budget.

The G305 Lighspeed also stands out for its ambidextrous design, so it works just as well for left-handed people as right-handed folks. Power is supplied through a single AA battery, and if you want to help save the trees by cutting down on e-waste, consider picking up rechargeable AA batteries.

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