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Gorgeous platformer Outland is free on Steam

I have Outland on three different platforms and I still haven’t played it yet. If you’re like me, then let the announcement that it’s currently free on Steam serve as a reminder to take a look. And for the rest of you: go add it to your library now. 

Housemarque are giving Outland away for free until June 8 to celebrate the fact that its next game, Nex Machina, is now accepting pre-orders, with a 20 percent discount to boot. It’s a twin-stick shooter that takes cues from Robotron and Smash TV. 

Anyway, Outland! It’s a speedy platformer where you need to switch between red and blue to avoid damage and harm enemies. If you’re blue, you can’t be harmed by other blue things, but you also can’t harm them. So you've got to take risks and put yourself in harm's way. It’s evocative of the shmup, Ikaruga. It also looks absolutely gorgeous. 

You know… I should probably play this eventually. 

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