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This customizable Razer gaming mouse is at its lowest price ever for Black Friday

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For the next 24 hours, the Razer Basilisk gaming mouse will be available for just $36.99 ($33 off) at Amazon. If you were biding your time on getting a new gaming mouse, now is the time to strike (just like a snake, get it?). Provided you aren't left-handed, the Razer Basilisk may well be the ideal wired gaming mouse. Featuring 8 programmable buttons, a 5G 16K DPI optical sensor and customizable RGB lighting, the Basilisk has all the typical trappings of a gaming mouse plus a few extras. 

The underside of the Basilisk features a small wheel that can be used to fine-tune the tension on your scroll wheel, allowing precise individual steps, or letting you quickly fly up and down with virtually no resistance. The Basilisk also features a "DPI clutch" in the form of a small paddle that sits under your thumb on the left side of the mouse. By default, this allows you to quickly swap between a pair of pre-set DPI settings, or assign it to virtually any other command through the versatile Razer Synapse 3 software.

This mouse design is ideal for shooters, but definitely less acclimated to MOBAs. For that, we would recommend checking out the Razer Naga Trinity instead, with its customizable layout and up to 12 additional macro buttons.

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Cheap gaming mouse deal

Razer Basilisk | $36.99 ($33 off) at Amazon

Razer Basilisk | $36.99 ($33 off) at Amazon
The Razer Basilisk features a 5G 16K DPI optical sensor and 8 programmable buttons, making it one of the most versatile gaming mice available.    

All of these features are brought together in a sleek and curvy form factor that houses robust Omron mechanical switches. Like virtually all Razer peripherals, it's backed by a 2-year warranty. Deals on gaming peripherals are fairly common, but this is lowest-ever price we've seen on this mouse.

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