Get Ape Out free on the Epic Games Store

This is one of my favorite promo trailers of all time.

The holidays are all about getting free stuff (right?) and so here's some free stuff for you: Ape Out, a top-down tale of a super-powered simian who loves freedom and jazz percussion in equal measure, is now yours for the taking on the Epic Games Store.

Ape Out is kind of a silly thing: Frenetic, destructive, splattery, and loud, but in a really good way. The more havoc you wreak on your way out the door, the more gonzo the soundtrack becomes, and that's what really sells it. Ripping a reinforced door off its hinges and using it to turn a shotgun-wielding security guard into a new Jackson Pollock is cool, sure, but doing it to the sound of wild crashing cymbals takes the experience to a whole different level. Tyler said in his 70/100 review that it starts to drag in the second half, but it's "so thunderously stylish and thematically strong that I like it even though it loses its thrust so quickly."

Epic is giving away one game per day until the end of the year, so grab it quick if you want it, because tomorrow it'll be gone. An Epic Games Store Holiday Sale is also currently underway—that runs until January 1.

Andy Chalk

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