Get an Alienware 25 monitor with 240Hz refresh rate and $100 gift card for $330

If you're looking for a fast-action gaming monitor, Dell has a pretty good deal on its Alienware 25 gaming display. It's currently on sale for $329.99, down from its $499.99 list price, and to sweeten the pot Dell is throwing in a $100 electronic gift card.

The gift card is really what makes this interesting. Otherwise, you can find the same monitor for slightly cheaper at Amazon, where's it's marked down to $325.71 currently.

Dell says the gift card will arrive via email within 20 days, and must be used with 90 days of issuance. As far as we know, it should also be stackable with coupon codes, of which Dell frequently offers on its desktops, laptops, and everything else. So there's the potential to save a bundle, depending on what you're in the market for.

As for the monitor, this is the FreeSync version. It uses a 25-inch TN panel with a 1920x1080 resolution at up to 240Hz, with a 1ms rated response time and 400 nits brightness. There's a built-in USB hub, and for ergonomics you can adjust the height, rotate the display, swivel it, and tilt the monitor.

Follow this link to grab this monitor. Or if you're in the market for the G-Sync version (AW2518H), it's on sale at Amazon for $462.83, down from it's $699.99 list price that it debuted at last year.

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