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Get a fully modular 750W Seasonic PSU with a 12-year warranty for just $98

Get a fully modular 750W Seasonic PSU with a 12-year warranty for just $98
Save $62 on this high-end 80 Plus Gold certified power supply unit. (Image credit: Seasonic)

Are you in the market for a new PSU and don't know what to look for? First and foremost, the best power supply for PC gaming (opens in new tab) is one that won't snap, crackle, and pop like a bowl of wet Rice Krispies (it happens, apparently (opens in new tab)). And if you can find a good deal on a reliable PSU, all the better. That is the case with Seasonic's Prime GX-750.

Normally priced at $159.99, you can take advantage of a couple of discount offers to snag one for just $97.99 from Newegg. The first is a $32 off coupon code (86WK3BTS83) that you can apply at checkout. On top of that, there's a $30 mail-in-rebate, valid until August 16.

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Gold Power Supply ...

Seasonic Prime GX-750 750W PSU | 80 Plus Gold | Fully Modular | 12-Year Warranty | $159.99 $97.99 at Newegg after coupon and rebate (save $62) (opens in new tab)
There's enough wattage here to power Nvidia's top graphics card, the GeForce RTX 3090, and the extra long warranty means this PSU will likely outlast your build (and maybe your next one, too). Just be sure to use coupon code 86WK3BTS83 and send in the mail-in-rebate for the full discount.

There's a lot to like about this PSU. For one, it is fully modular, which can make a world of difference when trying to build a neat and tidy PC (especially in tight confines). It's also 80 Plus Gold certified. This means it is a highly efficient PSU that wastes less energy to heat.

The cherry on top is the long warranty—Seasonic backs this model for 12 years. You'll probably rebuild your PC from the ground up at least once before the warranty expires, so in essence, this PSU should last the life of your system (and then some).

Is 750W enough, though? For most builds, the answer is yes. That wattage rating meets Nvidia's recommendation for its flagship GeForce RTX 3090 (opens in new tab) and AMD's second highest GPU, the Radeon RX 6800 XT (opens in new tab).

AMD suggests an 850W for the Radeon RX 6900 XT (opens in new tab). If you plan to go that route (when GPUs are actually obtainable again), you may want to consider something like Corsair's RMx Series 850W with a 10-year warranty, which is on sale for $114.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab) (down from $144.99).

Also be sure to check out our guide on how to choose the perfect power supply for your gaming PC (opens in new tab) while shopping around.

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