Get a bonus credit with a Newegg gift card purchase

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<em>Flickr via Jason Howie. Click for original.</em>

<em>Flickr via Jason Howie. Click for original.</em> (Image credit: Flickr via Jason Howie)

Groupon is currently offering a bonus credit at Newegg when you purchase a gift card for the online retailer. The additional credit ranges from $5 to $20, depending on which gift card you pick.

The more you spend, the bigger the bonus. There are three options—a $50 gift card with a $5 bonus credit, a $100 gift card with a $10 bonus credit, and a $200 gift card with a $20 bonus credit.

That's a 10 percent bonus at each tier. Granted, an extra $5 at the lowest level isn't exactly striking it rich, but if you're planning to shop at Newegg anyway—now or when the Black Friday deals start trickling in—this is a nice way to stretch your buck.

Go here (opens in new tab) to buy one, for yourself or as a gift.

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