How to get new Genshin Impact outfits

Genshin Impact outfits
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One of the features Genshin Impact 1.6 introduces is new Genshin Impact costumes for a select few characters. Barbara and Jean each get a new summer-themed outfit you can obtain either through purchase or, in one case, by completing an event quest. 

The Genshin Impact outfit feature seems as if it'll remain a permanent fixture moving forward, and I expect to see more outfits for select characters during new updates and promotions. 

There are only a few costumes to obtain for now—and you'll have to pay for one of them.

How to get new Genshin Impact outfits

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You'll obtain new Genshin Impact costumes primarily through the in-game shop. As of the 1.6 update, miHoYo added a new "Character Outfit" tab to the shop menu. Here, you can browse available outfits, try them on, and (obviously) buy them. The purchase limit is capped at one, so it looks like there's no costume sharing allowed.

So far, the Genshin Impact outfit price is calculated only in Genesis Crystals as payment, so you'll need to pay real money for a Crystal bundle first. However, some outfits are given as rewards for completing event quests, and miHoYo offers discounts on outfits for limited periods.

Until June 28, for example, you can earn Barbara's outfit at no extra cost by completing the Echoing Tales quest chain as part of Midsummer Island Adventure.

How to change Genshin Impact outfits 

The only way to swap character costumes is through the shop menu. You'll navigate to the costume page as if you were going to purchase it, and the list of available costumes is in the top right corner. You can also toggle the UI on and off if you wanted to take photos with the character screen background and try on all available costumes.

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All Genshin Impact outfits 


  • Outfit: Sea Breeze Dandelion
  • How to get: Purchase
  • Cost: 1,680 Primogems