How to unlock The Lost Valley domain in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Lost Valley
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Genshin Impact's The Lost Valley is a new domain that arrived in Teyvat with the 2.6 update. You can see the location on the map of the new Chasm area, but you might run into difficulties when it comes to finding the entrance. You're probably looking in the right place, but there's a puzzle you need to solve to access it.

Along with The Chasm region, the latest update introduces a new Archon quest and another new character. The Hydro sword-wielding character Ayato's event wish is available alongside Venti's banner re-run for the next few weeks. But if you're keen to jump into the new domain, this guide has you covered. Here's how to unlock the Genshin Impact Lost Valley domain.

How to unlock The Lost Valley domain in Genshin Impact 

The Lost Valley domain is located in the north of The Chasm, found on the western edge of the Liyue region. Once you're in the area, which you can get to easily by climbing the cliffs to the northeast and gliding down, activate the Statue of the Seven to reveal the details on the map. 

At this point, it's a good idea to switch your Traveler to Geo for the puzzle that awaits you. Once you're ready, head to the northeast, just below the dormant domain marker on the map—it's easy to glide to the area from here. You should see a group of three enemies and a locked chest, so deal with these when you land, then look around for the rock with a Geo rune, pictured below.

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Defeating the enemies seems to trigger air circles that stretch between the nearby rock formations, which should give you a clue as to what you need to do next. You'll also notice that the furthest rock has swirling Geo energy around it.

Place one of your Traveler's Geo constructs near the rock with the rune using the E skill, then another between that and the first big rock formation. Now run up the rock and jump-glide into the wind circles to carry you quickly to the furthest one with the Geo swirls. Place another Geo construct here on top of the rock, and you should see the Geo energy emanate outwards, using the two constructs you previously placed as conduits.

If you're quick enough, and manage to place the third construct before the first two despawn, the camera will pan to the area where the rock with the rune was, showing that it has now disappeared. Head back to where you started and go inside the cave, keeping to the right wall. You can see the door to The Lost Valley domain ahead of you.

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