GDC 2020 talks are now free for everyone

(Image credit: GDC)

Despite the announcement on February 28 that this year's Game Developers Conference would be indefinitely postponed as part of the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, some talks from the original March 16-20 schedule still went ahead. These pre-recorded Virtual Talks, on various topics impacting game design and development, were originally streamed on GDC's Twitch channel last week, and have now been made available for anyone to view—for free—either on Twitch or via the GDC Vault.

The organisers have also announced that they intend to upload the talks to the GDC YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

GDC has also taken the opportunity to promote the GDC Vault Member Subscription, which costs $550 annually and gives access to the 20+ year backlog of recorded talks from GDCs and Virtual Reality Developers Conferences past. Crucially, though, you won't need to be a member to view the 2020 talks, which can be found under the Free Content tab on the GDC Vault home page.

In addition to the Virtual Talks—on topics ranging from the business of selling games to machine learning in matchmaking to mental health in the industry and more—the 2020 IGF and Game Developers Choice Awards, which went ahead with an online-only ceremony on March 21, can also be viewed on the GDC Twitch channel.