OTK Expo will show over 30 indie games on Tuesday as the June showcases kick off

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Just to be different, Sony initiated the gaming showcase season in May with its State of Play stream, but the bulk of the shows are this week and next. First out of the gate is the OTK Games Expo on Tuesday, June 4.

The OTK Expo is focused on "games from small teams with big ideas," and its participants include Blue Manchu Games, maker of Void Bastards and the upcoming Wild Bastards, and Apogee Entertainment, the reborn indie publisher whose stamp was on some of the most important games of the '90s. Over 30 games will be represented, according to the organizers.

OTK Network is a streamer group, and the show'll be hosted by members Asmongold and Esfand, as well as the show's executive producer, Ovilee May. It's not all trailers: The live show will span three hours and will include "panels featuring Will Neff, Sodapoppin, Emiru, Nmplol, and some surprise guests."

The OTK Games Expo starts at 12 pm Pacific (that's 8 pm in the UK) on Tuesday, and will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube.

The rest of the June showcases kick off later this week, with Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest showcase on Friday, the Xbox Showcase and PC Gaming Show on Sunday, and Ubisoft on Monday. Here's the full summer gaming showcase schedule.

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