Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Revered Spirit Ash locations

Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ash locations - Horned statue
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Hunting for Revered Spirit Ash locations in Shadow of the Erdtree is one of the things you can do to make Elden Ring's new expansion, especially if you're using a Spirit Ash summon like the Mimic Tear. You can use this new material to buff both Torrent and your Spirit Ash summons at a site of grace and this will go a long way to make them tankier during boss battles.

Though there are far fewer Revered Spirit Ashes scattered around the map than Scadutree Fragments, there are quite a few you can pick up in the initial area. I'll walk you through the locations where you can grab them in Gravesite Plain, plus the northern regions of the map, though they do become far more scattered there. If you want to track them down yourself, then the section below will explain what to look for. This guide will, of course, contain maps for later expansion areas.

Where to find Revered Spirit Ash

This spirit-buffing material is a lot less abundant than Scadutree Fragments, but you'll find a lot in the initial area of the Gravesite Plain. After that, it'll get a lot more scattered. If you want to look for yourself, there are three main ways to get this:

  • Shadow people with sparkling pots on their heads. As with the fragments, these pot-carrying enemies can also drop Revered Spirit Ash.
  • Headless statues found around the map. Note that these are different from the headless Marika statues. Instead they depict a thin figure collapsed on their knees with the Revered Spirit Ash usually resting in their lap.
  • Defeating certain enemies. In particular, the big fat Hornsent Inquisitor enemies drop a Revered Spirit Ash each. These are easy to recognise since they resemble those chubby godskin nobles from the base game, except these have antlers.

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Gravesite Plain Revered Spirit Ash locations

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These are the locations where you can find Revered Spirit Ash in Gravesite Plain. Most of the ones in this area are located in Belurat, Tower Settlement:

1.Found directly to the east of the Scorched Ruins in front of a headless statue altar on the cliff edge.

2. Found around the east side of the Abandoned Ailing Village at a headless statue altar surrounded by Man-Flies. From the Greatbridge, North site of grace, follow the cliff around to the east to reach it.

3. Found to the southeast of the Cliffroad Terminus site of grace by a headless statue altar next to a pool with some turtles wandering around. You can access the Cliffroad Terminus area by heading south along the cliff trail from the Main Gate Cross site of grace outside Belurat.

4. Found as you enter Belurat, Tower Settlement, by a horned statue altar in the room with the hanging spider-scorpions and the stairs on each side.

5. Found in Belurat, Tower Settlement by killing the shadow person with the sparkling pot on his head on the bridge before the greatsword-wielding Hornsent Warrior. This is right after you climb across the roofs with the Gravebird enemies.

6. Found in Belarut, Tower Settlement shortly after the last. Look for the statue altar by a big tree, just before the spiral staircase leading up to the Stagefront site of grace.

7. Found immediately after the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss arena. Head up the lift and open the door to spot the statue altar on your right.

8. Found by a headless statue altar near the Ellac River Cave site of grace. Note: The number corresponding to this one on the map is actually in a cave underground. You'll need to descend the cliff ledges into the ravine to the east of the Castle Front site of grace and enter the cave at the bottom.

Scadu Altus and Rauh Ruins Revered Spirit Ash locations

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As you can see from the map above, post-Gravesite Plain, Revered Spirit Ash locations become a lot more secret and widely spaced. I've also combined Scadu Altus and Rauh Ruins into one map for efficiency:

1. Found by the usual statue altar on the cliffside to the east of the Moorth Ruins, looking over the Bonny Village

2. Found by a statue in the far north of the ravine that splits the Bonny Village. This might look very close to number one, but that's because it's at the best of the cliff where that one's located. You can get to Bonny Village via the Moorth Ruins.

3. Found by a statue to the southeast of the Unte Ruins in lower Scadu Altus. This area is accessible via the Shadow Keep.

4. Found by a headless statue at the entrance to the Village of the Flies in lower Scadu Altus. Once again, this area is accessible via the Shadow Keep, then you can descend along the river to find this location.

5. Found by defeating a shadow person with a sparkling jar on his head in the tunnels while heading through the east Rauh Ruins. Note: Since this area is mostly a series of tunnels, the map marker represents an underground area.

6. Found by killing a shadow person with a sparkling jar on its head in the tunnels of the west side of the Rauh Ruins. Same as before, the map marker represents an underground location, but it's up a lift close to the giant pillared structure in the north where you find the Aspect of the Crucible: Bloom incantation.

7. Found by a headless altar in a stone gazebo, guarded by a Hornsent Warrior in a flooded garden in the west Rauh Ruins. You don't have to beat him since you can just ride Torrent through and snatch the item.

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