How to complete the Sir Ansbach quest in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring Ansbach quest
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The Elden Ring Ansbach quest follows the ex-servant of Mohg as he tries to work out exactly what's going on with Miquella in the Land of Shadow. This retired Pureblood Knight is a learned NPC who'll give you extra context and lore if you provide him with certain information, such as Miquella Cross locations early on in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.

Unlike most of the other quests, you won't actually have to fight any bosses for Sir Ansbach, but his quest is intertwined with that of Redmane Freyja and Lady Leda to some extent. Here I'll explain how to finish the Ansbach quest, as well as a breakdown of each individual step lower down. This guide will contain some spoilers, especially the final part.

Elden Ring Ansbach quest steps

Ansbach is a little like the Gideon Ofnir of Shadow of the Erdtree—a character who provides lore and context for a lot of what you're learning. His quest also crosses over with Redmane Freyja and Lady Leda:

  • Speak to Sir Ansbach at the Main Gate Cross site of grace outside Belurat, Tower Settlement
  • Find the three secret Miquella Crosses and tell Sir Ansbach about each of them
  • Head to the Shadow Keep to shatter the great rune and dispel the charm, then return to speak to Ansbach for extra dialogue
  • Speak to Ansbach near the Storehouse, First Floor site of grace in the Shadow Keep after he moves from Belurat
  • Locate the Sacred Rite Scroll in the Specimen Storehouse near the Storehouse, Fourth Floor site of grace
  • Speak to Freyja at the Storehouse, Seventh Floor site of grace
  • Return to Ansbach to tell him about Freyja and give him the Sacred Rite Scroll
  • Aid Ansbach via the summon signs where he was standing (do not aid Leda, or the quest will end here)
  • Summon Ansbach in Enir-Ilim and speak to him before the final boss. You can also summon him for the last boss.

Where to find Ansbach

You'll first find Sir Ansbach at the Main Gate Cross site of grace just outside Belurat, Tower Settlement, in Gravesite Plain. He'll be hanging out with the merchant, Moore, and will introduce himself. Shortly after, he'll request that you tell him about any secret Miquella Crosses you come across, and will provide extra lore and dialogue if you do.

Miquella Cross locations for Ansbach

As Ansbach mentions, there are six Miquella Cross locations that the companions know about. These are the ones marked on the Cross Map and New Cross Map that Hornsent gives you. What Ansbach wants you to find are the three secret Miquella Cross locations you can access earlier in the game. 

Here's how to find each of them:

  • Belurat, Tower Settlement Miquella Cross: From the Stagefront site of grace, right before the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss, descend the spiral staircase as far as it goes, then drop down by the hanging Spider-Scorpion. Head outside and immediately turn left and climb over the rubble to find a set of rooms with the cross.
  • Fort of Reprimand Miquella Cross: You can find this cross once you reach Scadu Altus. Just before you enter the cave passage leading to the Fort of Reprimand in the south, ride left along the cliff to find a Sealed Spiritspring, and a little further on, some bats guarding the stones you need to smash to open it. Jump up to the area above to find a path leading to the cross.
  • Southern Shore Miquella Cross: This cross is accessible once you reach the Southern Shore region, so if you haven't done that yet, be sure to grab the map fragment using this other guide. Once there, you'll find the cross at the southern tip, though make sure not to head down the peninsula that you can see leading off to the southwest of it instead.

When you find each of these, you can relay their location to Ansbach, and he'll do his best to explain what's actually going on in the Land of Shadow. This step might not be necessary, but if you want all his dialogue, you'll need to track them down. 


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Finding Ansbach in Shadow Keep

Elden Ring Ansbach quest - Meeting Ansbach in the storehouse

After the great rune is broken, you'll find Ansbach on the first floor of the Specimen Storehouse  (Image credit: FromSoftware)

Once you arrive in the Shadow Keep and get the message that the great rune has been shattered and a charm dispelled, Ansbach will have additional dialogue. He'll talk about how he actually finds Miquella very scary, before disappearing off on his own. You'll next find Ansbach near the Storehouse, First Floor site of grace in the Specimen Storehouse part of the Shadow Keep. If you follow the track from the main entrance and fight the Golden Hippopotamus boss you'll end up here.

From the site of grace, you need to:

  • Head left around the central podium with the horned beast on it and continue around until you spot a staircase leading up into some bookshelves on your left
  • Take these stairs up, turn left, go a little way on, then turn right to spot some stairs leading down through an archway into a room with a skeleton on an altar

Anbach is tucked in the right hand corner of this room enjoying a good book. Speak to him and he'll explain that Lord Mohg's body disappeared after his death, and he's trying to work out who yoinked it.

Where to find the Sacred Rite Scroll

The information you need to find for Ansbach is the Sacred Rite Scroll, which is located higher up in Specimen Storage. To reach it you should:

  • Climb the stairs from the bottom of Specimen Storehouse and then jump onto and run along the top of the giant crucified horned creature to reach the Storehouse, Fourth Floor site of grace with the Miquella Cross
  • Head outside onto the stone balcony and go left past the burning boats and the fire knight until you find a staircase you can descend
  • Enter the room at the bottom and search the other side of the far right bookcase to find the Sacred Rite Scroll

You can take this back to Ansbach immediately if you wish, but this is also a key point in Freyja's quest that you can potentially miss. If you head up the stairs at the bottom of Specimen Storage and keep climbing all the way up, you'll find Freyja at the Storehouse, Seventh Floor site of grace, poring over some old tablets, lamenting that she didn't speak to Ansbach when she had a chance.

Head back to Ansbach to give him the Sacred Rite Scroll and tell him about Freyja's confusion. He'll drop some pretty big lore and will give you a letter for Freyja that you can return to her for even more lore, her quest continuation, and a special reward.

Aiding Ansbach in the Specimen Storehouse

If you helped Leda against the Hornsent during her quest, she'll try to take out Ansbach next. Honestly, this might happen if you didn't help her or the Horsent anyway, so I'd make sure to check back at Ansbach's location after you complete the previous step. You'll find two summon signs; one letting you help Leda, and other aid Ansbach. If you aid Leda here, Ansbach will die and the quest will end, locking you out of certain items.

Instead, if you're pursuing the Ansbach quest, you should aid him against Leda. As with the Hornsent quest, she'll retreat instead of dying, and you'll get Ansbach's Longbow, which can be wielded like a light bow and has the fan shot skill. 

Summoning Ansbach in Enir-Ilim and the final boss

If you complete all those previous steps, the next time you meet Ansbach will be in Enir-Ilim near the end of the expansion, where you can summon him to aid you during an important confrontation. As with Thiollier, he'll have some unique dialogue during this fight.

Afterwards, you'll find him just beyond the elevator before the final boss, where you can have a nice chat and mull over your time in the Land of Shadow. You can also summon Ansbach for the final boss, but either way you'll find his body nearby after the encounter, where you can collect Ansbach's armor and his other gear to finish the quest.

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