Where to get more Portcrystals in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 Portcrystals - A pawn at a Riftstone
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Tracking down Portcrystals in Dragon's Dogma 2 lets you expand your fast travel network and put down beacons so you can return to important quest locations at your convenience. There are only a few permanent Portcrystals in the game; most notably in Vernworth and Harve Village, but you can set up the portable variant wherever you want.

The more portable Portcrystals you acquire, the more elaborate your teleportation network can become. Of course, you'll need a Ferrystone each time you actually want to go somewhere, but you'll find a lot of these later in the game, and certain merchants replenish their stocks over time. All that said, here are all portable Portcrystals I've found in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Portcrystal locations

So far I've located five portable Portcrystals in the game. Here's how to get each of them:

1. The first comes from completing Captain Brant's main story quests and the Feast of Deception in Vernworth. When he sends you to investigate Battahl, he'll give you a Portcrystal as the final reward.

2. You can get a second Portcrystal in Vernworth by completing Glyndwr the elf's questline. You'll find this character hanging out by Roderick's Smithy in the Merchant's Quarter. After you complete Gift of the Bow, you can find Glyndwr back at the smithy, where you'll start the Trial of Archery quest which rewards a Portcrystal.

3. There is a third Portcrystal located in the Forested Griffin's Nest which is accessible in the south of the Misty Marshes area. This region is pretty hard to access, but you can get there through the Ancient Battlegrounds to the north of the Checkpoint Rest Town, or via the Strange Corridor cave to the east of it.

4. A fourth Portcrystal is the reward for completing the Sphinx Riddle of Madness that sees you bring her a loved one. You can find the Sphinx to the north of the Ancient Battlegrounds area, which is in turn, accessible to the north of the Checkpoint Rest Town.

5. You can purchase a fifth Portcrystal from the cave hermit in the Bay Wayside Shrine for 20 Wyrmslife Crystals. This shrine is located on the east coast of Battahl and is accessible either by heading to Bakbattahl then going north, or via Guerco Cavern if you've coming from the north. Wyrmslife Crystals are a reward for killing and injuring dragons.

6. You can also get Portcrystals as a gift from someone using your pawn. Of course, it's pretty rare and unusual for another player to part with an item as valuable as a Portcrystal, but it is possible to get them this way.


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