Dragon's Dogma 2 Golden Trove Beetle locations and how to find them

Dragon's Dogma 2 Golden Trove Beetle on a tree
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If you're on the lookout for Golden Trove Beetles in Dragon's Dogma 2, you've probably already realised how important your carry capacity is in this game. When you're constantly picking up new armour and weapons, as well as mining and harvesting materials, you really do hit your weight limit for carrying stuff fast—especially if you're a spellcaster with a slight-bodied build.

Luckily, there's a way to increase how much you can lug around in the form of a rare beetle. Tracking down and consuming Golden Trove Beetles buffs both your carry capacity and that of your main pawn by a small amount. It's not that much, but it all adds up. Another way to buff carry capacity is to get your hands on the Ring of Accrual, or the even better Ring of Profusion

All that said, here's how to find Golden Trove Beetles, plus some locations in the starting area of Melve where you can grab them while exploring.

How to find Golden Trove Beetles

Though less common than Seeker's Tokens, finding Golden Trove Beetles is a little easier since there's a giant golden beetle you can look for. You can usually find these gold-glowing bugs on trees or tree trunks, though occasionally you might have the odd one on a rock or even just in the middle of a path. They're also most often very close to a path rather than off in the middle of the wilderness somewhere, so they aren't too hard to find. If you have a Simple inclination pawn who loves picking up items, chances are they'll grab some without you even spotting them.

Golden Trove Beetle locations

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To get you started and give your carry capacity a little boost, here are some Golden Trove Beetles you can easily grab while exploring the starting area of Melve:

1. When travelling on the road to Melve from the north, just before you reach the Martyrs' Resting Place graveyard, you can spot this Golden Trove Beetle on a tree trunk off to the left of the path.

2. When heading north from Melve, cross the stone bridge by the campsite, and keep following the main trail until you pass a rope bridge above you. To the right of the path you'll spot a rock slide with a bunch of goblins sleeping at the bottom of it. Just behind these goblins is a broken tree trunk with a Golden Trove Beetle on it.

3. Grabbing this one might require you to beat a cyclops since it can ambush you on the trail. Keep following the path further north until you reach a campsite with the Riftstone of Abundance just next to it. On a tree nearby is another beetle.

4. A little further along from the campsite above, you'll find Eini's Home. Right outside the entrance to the cottage is a further Golden Trove Beetle on a tree trunk by a rock.

5. You can easily grab these next two when being escorted by the soldiers to the capital of Vernworth in the main story. Once you pass through the Northern Vermund Checkpoint gate, head a little ways on and then turn left into a small area with a wooden cart. Nearby you'll find another Golden Trove Beetle.

6. Keep following the path towards Vermund with the soldiers until just before the Gathering of Beasts location with all the goblins inside. To the left of the path right before the ruins is a fallen tree with a beetle on it.


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