A new hero has emerged as Elden Ring players help each other prepare for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC—the fearsome Let Me Comet Him

Tarnished kneeling next to a grace
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We've only got to wait a few hours until the floodgates finally open and players are let into Elden Ring's new DLC Shadow of the Erdtree. But it's not as simple as stepping into the new map; players first need to defeat the terrifying Mohg, Lord of Blood, which is easier said than done, considering you need to be at least level 100-110. As time begins to run out for those wishing to start the DLC as soon as it releases, the community is banding together and helping each other defeat The Omen. 

So far, most of the summons that have been helping players out have been sorcerers, mostly those who can cast Comet Azur. This is a spell that anyone who's fought Rennala Queen of the Full Moon will remember, as it's basically just Goku's Kamehameha with a tinge of witchcraft that can one-shot bosses. One such sorcerer is going by the name Let Me Comet Her, a photo of whom was posted to Twitter along with "So my watch begins." You can also see that the player is wearing Azur's Glintstone Crown, which boosts Comet Azur's damage by 15%.  

This is clearly a reference to one of the most famous Elden Ring players, Let Me Solo Her, who made a name for himself by helping less powerful Tarnished take on Malenia, Blade of Miquella, known as the hardest Elden Ring boss. But with the DLC on the horizon it looks like LMSH is ready to move on to greater prospects. "I hope people are putting their summoning signs outside Mohg's and Radahn's boss arenas!" LMSH says in a Twitter post. "Let's all get prepared to help other Tarnished enter the DLC."

Most of the videos floating around social media just consist of Tarnished using strong, long-ranged attacks, with most of them chewing up Mohg in a matter of seconds before he can even perform his first attack. A long-ranged approach works so well for Mohg because, unlike other bosses like Radahn, who zip around blinking in and out of reality before you can even utter the word 'help', Mohg will walk at you in a straight line at the beginning of the fight, making it really easy to send in one big attack that'll chew him up before he even gets to you. 

If you want to beat Mohg the old-fashioned way, then don't worry, it's not like he's impossible to defeat. We've even got a section dedicated to the best tips on how to face him as part of our wider Elden Ring bosses and how to beat them guide. Long story short, make sure you bring Mohg's Shackle and Bleed to the fight, and if you want a bit of practice beforehand, then fight Mohg the Omen in the Cathedral of the Forsaken, as this is just a variant of Mohg, Lord of the Blood. Just don't get the two confused, because only the latter will let you into the DLC. 

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