Where to find Fortnite XP tokens

fortnite xp token locations
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Fortnite XP tokens (aka XP coins) are located all over the place in Chapter 2, and collecting them gives you an automatic XP boost, helping you raise your battle pass level and earn more skins, sprays, and emotes. 

Of course, you've got to find them before you can collect them, so here's where to grab every Fortnite XP token available right now. If you want to make sure you find them all, mark them off of this list as you pick them up. 

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Green Fortnite XP token locations

Green XP tokens are the smallest of the token types, but also the most plentiful. 

Green Token 1: Located in the northeast portion of the map, just off the coast near the Yacht. You'll see a small square concrete building with a pipe extending out of it, and couple trees. The token is resting by the tree closest to the small concrete building.

Green Token 2: On the beach north of Dirty Docks. Look for the group of partially destroyed yellow boats and you'll find it near a rock just a foot into the water.

Green Token 3: In the hills to the east of Retail Row. You'll find it nestled on the side of a mountain, beneath a few trees.

Green Token 4: Further southeast of Retail Row. Look for the boulder jutting off the side of the hill with the no jumping sign. You'll have to ignore that sign (you criminal) and take a leap off the edge, where the green token is hanging in mid-air.

Green Token 5: In the hills south of Misty Meadows. Look for the zipline. The token is hanging in the middle.

Green Token 6: A fair bit west of Lazy Lake and east of Slurpy Swamp. Look for a large clumping of pine trees, where the XP token is nestled between.

Green Token 7: Go to the Agency base in the center of the island. The XP token is on the north shore across the water, hidden in a bush.

Green Token 8: Under the bridge east of Pleasant Park. Hidden in a bush.

Green Token 9: Located in C1, on one of the northernmost mini-islands. Just a stone's throw from the northern beach, nestled between three trees.

Green Token 10: Southwest of Holly Hedges. Look for two tall trees overlooking the beach. The token is between those.

Green Token 11: Southwest of Slurpy Swamp, and due east of The Rig. It's resting by a twisty tree.

Green Token 12: Southeast of Lazy Lake, across the river. You'll find it nestled by a tree near the modest-sized building at the foot of the mountain.

Green Token 13: At the northeast edge of Frenzy Farm, you'll see it glowing up on a hill with several trees on it.

Green Token 14: At the edge of 8F and 8G, you'll see a wooden bridge. The token is under the wooden bridge so you'll need enough material to build a small ramp.

Green Token 15: Southeast of Frenzy Farm, on the very small island at the nexus of the nearby rivers.

Green Token 16: On the island off the north coast, north of Pleasant Park. You'll see a large shack house, and the green token is beneath it.

Green Token 17: Northwest of Pleasant Park, and due west of token 16, in C1. Look for the small valley/stretch of sand between the large island and the main island. You'll see it at the edge of a wood ramp.

Green Token 18: G5, in the island located in the middle of the lake, above a trio of canoes pointing upward.

Green Token 19: E7, on the smaller, more western island of the large lake that dominates the southern portion of the overall map. It's sitting by some rocks.

Green Token 20: F1, directly north of Craggy Cliffs. It's nestled in a pickup truck on the sharp slope leading to the beach.

Green Token 21: H2, east of Steamy Stacks on the beach. Look for the large pipes jutting out into the ocean. The token is nestled between the two pipes.

Green Token 22: B6, on the stretch of coast that juts out, hidden in a bush only a few steps from the gathering of rocks that look like Stonehenge-ish, uh...stones. Seriously, what's up with those?

Green Token 23: C7, south of Slurpy Swamp. You'll see it on a small swampy island by a tree.

Green Token 24: D5, at the lodges at the eastern side of Weeping Woods. You'll see a small lake in the yard outside the lodges, and the token is inside the bush.

Green Token 25: E8, at the southern coast, a dozen yards or so from a steel container.

Green Token 26: A4, look for the small rock on the west coast that has a large bush on it. The token is inside.

Green Token 27: In the bushes southeast of the Agency across the river.

Green Token 28: G2, on the southernmost end of the beach.

Green Token 29: C7 (I think), nestled against a tree and lamp post near a small cabin. Directly south of Slurpy Swamp.

Green Token 30: F5, on the stretch of green sandwiched between where the river folds back eastward.

Green Token 31: At the top of the mountain in H7.

Green Token 32: Located under the bridge northeast of Slurpy Swamp.

Green Token 33: G6, located at the top of the mountain.

Green Token 34: C2, located on a pretty nondescript gentle hillside overlooking the beach, a few yards from a tree.

Green Token 35: D1, the southern end of D1, near the grouping of trees.

Green Token 36: C3, southeast of Pleasant Park. Look for another large grouping of trees near the river.

Green Token 37: West of Weeping Woods, specifically the west side of C6. By a brick wall outside what appears to be logging factory of sorts.

Green Token 38: So all those islands in the northwest section of the map? Go to the most southern one (the one closest to Sweaty Sands). It'll be smack dab in the middle of that island.

Green Token 39: Southeast of Lazy Lake, where the river forks into two directions going south. The token is on the triangle of land that splits the river.

Green Token 40: In the middle of retail row, you'll see a fenced-in area with a few boxes inside. The green token is on one of those boxes.

Green Token 41: G4, a little southeast of the bridge on a fairly high hill.

Green Token 42: B2, on the small island closer to the center of B2. You'll find it hidden in a bush.

Green Token 43: West of Craggy Cliffs on the beach, in a wooden cart.

Green Token 44: Technically the southern side of F2, which is basically the most northern point of Frenzy Farm.

Green Token 45: Located at the dam at D7. You have to swim through the center of one of the holes that lets the water out to the other side. Be careful on this one, as it's easy to miss and get stuck at the bottom of the dam.

Green Token 46: Drop down the smaller, more western silo hole at the Grotto. The token is hovering in the middle of the silo. Just make sure you pull your glider out before hitting that huge fan.

Green Token 47: Northwest of Salty Springs, you'll see it in a truck bed outside a small blue-ish house in C4.

Green Token 48: Southwest of Salty Springs. Look for the destroyed suburban house. It's on the roof.

Green Token 49: Under the pier at Craggy Cliffs.

Green Token 50: West of Frenzy Farm in E3. It's between a trio of Stonehenge-looking rocks, which itself is in the middle of a ring of trees you can see on the map.

Green Token 51: On a roof overlooking the middle of the field at Pleasant Park. Basically dead center of town.


Green Token 52: The south end of the Shark location, just behind the building that has an in-ground pool. You'll find it on the rocks on the outside of the building frame.

Green Token 53: Just a few yards southeast of the red barn at Frenzy Farm, hidden in the cornfield.

Green Token 54: D3, at the campsite northwest of the Agency, along the river.

Green Token 55: E5, south of the Agency, at the very southern edge of E5. By a large rock near the top of the zipline.

Green Token 56: D1, on the north beach just outside the two small beach houses.

Green Token 57: On the front tip of the Deadpool yacht in the northeast corner of the map.

Green Token 58: South side of C5, at the top of the wooden firewatch tower that overlooks the area.

Green Token 59: Directly east of the Agency, in the red-roofed building. Land on the roof and melee your way through. The token is on one of the rafters.

Green Token 60: A5, Directly west of Holly Hedges, on the roof of the gas station that sits where the road curves.

Green Token 61: C7, the left side of C7, in the small yard outside a small wooden building with a couple gravestones in it. Look for the small brown mark on the map.

Green Token 62: Northwest corner of D8. You'll see a bunch of glowing mushrooms. Look for a large shrub near them and the token is hidden inside there.

Green Token 63: Northwest area of D7, hidden in the rafter of a small red-ish shack.


Green Token 64: D5, on top of the building in the southeast corner of D5. You'll see it perched on a satellite dish on top of the building.

Green Token 65: North end of Lazy Lake, just sitting out in the yard by the playground equipment.

Green Token 66: Weeping Woods, east side of C5, just to the left of the large cabin with a green-blue roof. It's hidden in a bush near the side porch.

Green Token 67: The southeast side of Craggy Cliffs, in a wheelbarrow outside a building.

Green Token 68: B2, on the big central island north of Sweaty Sands. It's on the west beach under some palm trees.

Green Token 69: B3, Sweaty Sands, the very east side of the hotel pool area.

Green Token 70: South end of E3 (almost the border of E4), which is basically Risky Reels. You'll see playground equipment, and the token is on top of it.

Green Token 71: West side of Holly Hedges, you'll find it in the yard of the gray-blue house.

Green Token 72: By the border of F4 and G4, east of Frenzy Farm, north of the steel bridge. Look for the gas station with a helicopter parked out back. The XP coin is located by the helicopter.

Green Token 73: West side of Dirty Docks. Underneath a metal staircase.

Green Token 74: G7 mountain, at the very tippy top. You'll see a flag marking the peak.

Green Token 75: On the orange crane at the Rig's southeast side. You'll probably need to build a ramp of your own to get up there.

Blue Fortnite XP token locations

Blue Fortnite XP tokens are unique. They're basically on timers and will only appear randomly, so there's no major guarantee

Blue Token 1: West of Misty Meadows, somewhere along the road, most likely near the intersection.

Blue Token 2: Southeast of the Agency, most likely in the hills.

Blue Token 3: Somewhere north of Pleasant Park.

Blue Token 4: Most likely in the water somewhere northeast of Sweaty Sands, probably in the river.

Blue Token 5: Can be found inside the right stack at Steamy Stacks.

Blue Token 6: On the large island northwest of Craggy Cliffs, and near the southern tail of the island. We found it underneath a small elevated shack.

Blue Token 7: On the small island closest to Sweaty Sand's shore, at the top of the small stone ruin building.

Blue Token 8: On the second floor of the fish shop in Retail Row. Basically directly behind the giant fish sign.

Blue Token 9: Inside a sort of light blue tunnel at the Rig, close to the center. The tunnel extends from another light blue, almost aqua structure.


Blue Token 10: The backside of the Shark location. Go into the large room that looks like a restaurant/bar area, go through the door behind the bar, head down the stairs. The blue token is underneath those stairs.

Blue Token 11: Located in the small red house directly north of Holly Hedges. Head inside and to the basement, which is kind of creepy.

Blue Token 12: The south edge of C6, in Slurpy Swamp. You'll find it inside the largest building. Go to the room with the two giant vats of Slurp liquid. Find the scissor lift in the corner, go through the door to the left of it and then go through the door immediately in front of that. The token is in the thin room where they're testing mushrooms.

Blue Token 13: F8, just east of the snowy portion of the mountain, you'll see a campsite. The token is inside the watchtower looking over the campsite.


Blue Token 14: North of the dirt race track, which is north of the apple orchard, which is north of Frenzy Farm, in F2. Got all that? You'll find it behind the bus stop nearby the main road.

Blue Token 15: Behind the Farmer's Market sign at the orchard, north of Frenzy Farm.

Blue Token 16: East of Pleasant Park, at the bridge leading out of town. You'll find it on the roof of the small building just before the bridge.

Blue Token 17: At the north end of the Yacht. Fly to the north end, then enter the airduct, and follow it to its exit. The blue token should be at the exit near the various pipes.

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Purple Fortnite XP token locations

Purple Fortnite XP tokens are great because they explode into a bunch of mini-XP tokens, ramping up your battle pass exponentially more than blue or green tokens.

Purple Token 1: Southeast of Steamy Stacks. Look for a small grouping of trees near the shore.

Purple Token 2: In H7, hug the coast. The token is near the middle of H7 just outside a log cabin.

Purple Token 3: Northwest of Craggy Cliffs on the mini-island. Near a small shack and a large tree.

Purple Token 4: Southwest of Salty Springs, near a small lake, sitting in a wagon.

Purple Token 5: In the skatepark at Sweaty Sands.

Purple Token 6: A2, behind the giant sea shell.

Purple Token 7: F7, on the larger island of the two in the middle of the southern lake. It's just sitting in the middle of the island.

Purple Token 8: A5, behind the group of beach houses.

Purple Token 9: On the mountain north of Retail Row. You'll see it on the south side of the mountain.

Purple Token 10: On the east side of Dirty Docks, in the small patch of grass under the tree.

Purple Token 11: North side of Frenzy Farm. Look for a crop of trees on a hill and some rocks. The token is nestled in there. This one is kind of toeing the line of F and E.

Purple Token 12: On the Shark, on the north side, exterior of the house.

Purple Token 13: At the Dam east of Slurpy Swamp. If you're facing the Dam's wall (where the water is pouring out), the purple token is on the platform to the right.

Purple Token 14: E5, located next to a cabin at the southwestern end of E5.

Purple Token 15: G1, located in some bushes right outside a white house up on the hill.

Purple Token 16: Located in the heart of Fort Crumpet in A3.

Purple Token 17: North of Lazy Lake. In F5, just south of the road leading west. You'll see it by a red food truck.

Purple Token 18: On the south side of Craggy Cliffs, just outside town, just left of the road.

Purple Token 19: On the west side of Slurpy Swamp's factory, just left of the main road that cuts through the center of the area.

Purple Token 20: Directly north of Pleasant Park in D2. Look for the cop cars parked by a large rock formation, not far from the dirt road.

Purple Token 21: Along the southwest portion of Dirty Docks, by the concrete wall that lines up parallel to the road. You'll spot it out in the open by a tree.

Purple Token 22: D8, look for the giant steel pipe man statue (you've been here before for other tokens) and go up the hill behind it. The token is out in the open at the foot of the mountain where rock turns to grass.

Purple Token 23: Northeast portion of E6. Look for one of the taller hills. It's right at the top of that.


Purple Token 24: The south area of F3, Frenzy Farm. You'll find it in a crop field just a little north of the main house, along some corn.

Purple Token 25: At the apple orchard north of Frenzy Farm, you'll find the XP token at the north end of the orchard, between the fence around a cabbage patch.

Purple Token 26: Located at the Agency in the middle of the map, the XP token is perched above the orb statue thing in the main lobby. You'll probably need to build a ramp up to get it.

Purple Token 27: Head southeast of Retail Row, the XP token is resting up against the mountain side.

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Gold Fortnite XP token location

Gold Token 1: It's located in the vault at the Grotto, the base that Brutus runs. Make your way into the base, locate Brutus and defeat him. Watch out for his strong mini-gun attack. It can definitely shred you apart if you're playing by yourself, especially if he has some backup henchmen also shooting at you. When you beat him, take his keycard and make your way to the vault located in the heart of the base. You'll see the giant vault door and can swipe the keycard to open it. The XP token is right inside, and it's so dang huge that you can't possibly miss it.

Gold Token 2: This one is in the vault on the Rig. Steal TNTina's keycard and swipe your way in.

Gold Token 3: Located in the Yacht's vault in the northeast corner of the map.

Gold Token 4: Located in the Shark's vault. Remember you'll need Skye's keycard to get in. Get that by defeating her. She should be prowling around the Shark location.

Gold Token 5: Located in the Agency's vault. You'll have to kill Midas, who is walking around the location (I tend to find him in the central lobby, surrounded by guards), steal his keycard, and shoot your way past the minigun-wielding guards outside the vault. Swipe the keycard and you'll find it inside. The vault itself is located on the lower level 

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