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Where to find Fortnite XP tokens

fortnite xp token locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)

XP tokens are located all over Fortnite Chapter 2, which brings about plenty of new things to consider when trolloping around the map. It's a lot to take in, we'll admit, but Epic has made battle pass progression just a little easier by adding in these XP tokens for eagle-eyed players. Finding and collecting these little tokens gives you an automatic XP boost, helping you raise your battle pass level and earn more skins, sprays, emotes, and more.

But that Fortnite map is pretty dang huge, so where does one even begin to look if they want to knock out as many XP tokens as possible? Here's where to find every Fortnite XP token. We've color-coded every token on the map, but check further below for a detailed location description.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Green Fortnite XP token locations

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(Image credit: Epic Games)

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Green XP tokens are the smallest of the token types, but also the most plentiful. 

Green Token 1: Located in the northeast portion of the map, just off the coast near the Yacht. You'll see a small square concrete building with a pipe extending out of it, and couple trees. The token is resting by the tree closest to the small concrete building.

Green Token 2: On the beach north of Dirty Docks. Look for the group of partially destroyed yellow boats and you'll find it near a rock just a foot into the water.

Green Token 3: In the hills to the east of Retail Row. You'll find it nestled on the side of a mountain, beneath a few trees.

Green Token 4: Further southeast of Retail Row. Look for the boulder jutting off the side of the hill with the no jumping sign. You'll have to ignore that sign (you criminal) and take a leap off the edge, where the green token is hanging in mid-air.

Green Token 5: In the hills south of Misty Meadows. Look for the zipline. The token is hanging in the middle.

Green Token 6: A fair bit west of Lazy Lake and east of Slurpy Swamp. Look for a large clumping of pine trees, where the XP token is nestled between.

Green Token 7: Go to the Agency base in the center of the island. The XP token is on the north shore across the water, hidden in a bush.

Green Token 8: Under the bridge east of Pleasant Park. Hidden in a bush.

Green Token 9: Located in C1, on one of the northernmost mini-islands. Just a stone's throw from the northern beach, nestled between three trees.

Green Token 10: Southwest of Holly Hedges. Look for two tall trees overlooking the beach. The token is between those.

Green Token 11: Southwest of Slurpy Swamp, and due east of The Rig. It's resting by a twisty tree.

Green Token 12: Southeast of Lazy Lake, across the river. You'll find it nestled by a tree near the modest-sized building at the foot of the mountain.

Green Token 13: At the northeast edge of Frenzy Farm, you'll see it glowing up on a hill with several trees on it.

Green Token 14: At the edge of 8F and 8G, you'll see a wooden bridge. The token is under the wooden bridge so you'll need enough material to build a small ramp.

Green Token 15: Southeast of Frenzy Farm, on the very small island at the nexus of the nearby rivers.

Green Token 16: On the island off the north coast, north of Pleasant Park. You'll see a large shack house, and the green token is beneath it.

Green Token 17: Northwest of Pleasant Park, and due west of token 16, in C1. Look for the small valley/stretch of sand between the large island and the main island. You'll see it at the edge of a wood ramp.

Green Token 18: G5, in the island located in the middle of the lake, above a trio of canoes pointing upward.

Green Token 19: E7, on the smaller, more western island of the large lake that dominates the southern portion of the overall map. It's sitting by some rocks.

Green Token 20: F1, directly north of Craggy Cliffs. It's nestled in a pickup truck on the sharp slope leading to the beach.

Green Token 21: H2, east of Steamy Stacks on the beach. Look for the large pipes jutting out into the ocean. The token is nestled between the two pipes.

Green Token 22: B6, on the stretch of coast that juts out, hidden in a bush only a few steps from the gathering of rocks that look like Stonehenge-ish, uh...stones. Seriously, what's up with those?

Green Token 23: C7, south of Slurpy Swamp. You'll see it on a small swampy island by a tree.

Green Token 24: D5, at the lodges at the eastern side of Weeping Woods. You'll see a small lake in the yard outside the lodges, and the token is inside the bush.

Green Token 25: E8, at the southern coast, a dozen yards or so from a steel container.

Green Token 26: A4, look for the small rock on the west coast that has a large bush on it. The token is inside.

Blue Fortnite XP token locations

Blue Fortnite XP tokens are unique in the sense that they won't appear in exactly the same place every time, but they do generally appear in the same area. The best way to find a blue XP token in an area is to survey from the sky while riding your glider. You'll hopefully spot the trademark blue glow of the XP token before you land. Here's the general areas you can find them in.

Blue Token 1: West of Misty Meadows, somewhere along the road, most likely near the intersection.

Blue Token 2: Southeast of the Agency, most likely in the hills.

Blue Token 3: Somewhere north of Pleasant Park.

Blue Token 4: Most likely in the water somewhere northeast of Sweaty Sands, probably in the river.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Purple Fortnite XP token locations

Purple Fortnite XP tokens are great because they explode into a bunch of mini-XP tokens, ramping up your battle pass exponentially more than blue or green tokens.

Purple Token 1: Southeast of Steamy Stacks. Look for a small grouping of trees near the shore.

Purple Token 2: In H7, hug the coast. The token is near the middle of H7 just outside a log cabin.

Purple Token 3: Northwest of Craggy Cliffs on the mini-island. Near a small shack and a large tree.

Purple Token 4: Southwest of Salty Springs, near a small lake, sitting in a wagon.

Purple Token 5: In the skatepark at Sweaty Sands.

Purple Token 6: A2, behind the giant sea shell.

Purple Token 7: F7, on the larger island of the two in the middle of the southern lake. It's just sitting in the middle of the island.

Purple Token 8: A5, behind the group of beach houses.

Purple Token 9: On the mountain north of Retail Row. You'll see it on the south side of the mountain.

Purple Token 10: On the east side of Dirty Docks, in the small patch of grass under the tree.

Purple Token 11: North side of Frenzy Farm. Look for a crop of trees on a hill and some rocks. The token is nestled in there. This one is kind of toeing the line of F and E.

Purple Token 12: On the Shark, on the north side, exterior of the house.

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Gold Fortnite XP token location

Gold Token 1: It's located in the vault at the Grotto, the base that Brutus runs. Make your way into the base, locate Brutus and defeat him. Watch out for his strong mini-gun attack. It can definitely shred you apart if you're playing by yourself, especially if he has some backup henchmen also shooting at you. When you beat him, take his keycard and make your way to the vault located in the heart of the base. You'll see the giant vault door and can swipe the keycard to open it. The XP token is right inside, and it's so dang huge that you can't possibly miss it.

Gold Token 2: This one is in the vault on the Rig. Steal TNTina's keycard and swipe your way in.

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