Everything we know about the Fortnite Winter Trials event

fortnite winter trials
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If you're hungry for more Fortnite, good news, it will literally never end. By which we mean that a new Fortnite event has leaked, dubbed "Fortnite Winter Trials."

Winter Trials will allow players to earn some new goodies, and thanks to data miners like HYPEX, we've got quite a bit of information that's been leaked about when it starts, what it involves, and what cosmetics or rewards players can earn.

Here's HYPEX in the video below with a leaked look at Fortnite's official site for Winter Trials.

Fortnite Winter Trials: How does it work?

According to HYPEX, Fortnite Winter Trials lets players sign into their Epic Games account, choose a team associated with a high profile Fortnite player, vote for a challenge, then play some actual Fortnite, and earn up to 12 badges to earn 12 winter-themed cosmetic rewards.

Players will vote on one of three challenges, which includes options like "eliminate as many named NPCs as possible," completing bounties, or not being allowed to use weapons or damage other players.

The cosmetics are a fairly cute assembly of wintery looks, like a snowball spray or a new weapon wrap.

fortnite winter trials

(Image credit: Epic Games)

How to get rewards in Fortnite Winter Trials

According to Fortnite's website, getting badges is a pretty simple affair.

"To get rewards you need to sign in to the website and collect badges by completing various tasks. Please refer to the rewards section to see how many badges you need for each prize.”

Here's a breakdown of how many badges each activity gets you:

- Log in to activate challenges (one badge)
- Voting for challenges (one badge for every challenge)
- Clicking the thumbs up sign on a team's site (one badge per day)
- Playing Fortnite for 20 minute chunks (one badge for every 20 minutes spent in a core game mode. You can do this an unlimited number of times)

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