Fortnite Ted Offensive: All honey jar locations

fortnite ted offensive honey jar locations

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Fortnite season 2 has plenty of new challenges to keep you busy, but Epic just introduced a secret challenge that isn't listed anywhere us normies can see it. The "Ted Offensive" tasks you with hunting down the locations of honey jars, presumably for the teddy bear cosplaying as Big Boss, complete with an eyepatch.

Read our guide on how to find all the honey jar locations below.

fortnite ted offensive honey jar locations

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How to start the Ted Offensive challenge

To start the Ted Offensive challenge, you'll need to go to Weeping Woods. You're looking for the cabin on the west outskirts of Weeping Woods, just across the river. In the living room of the cabin, go to the bookcase and interact with it. This is the same secret bookcase that you interacted with for one of the Deadpool challenges if you've been following those. The red dot on the map above is where the cabin is located, and the purple dots are the honey jar locations. For a more detailed description of the honey jar locations, keep reading.

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Once you're in the secret area, go down the hatch and smash your way through the elevator door. You'll see what looks like a Teddy Bear dance party is going on, with a bunch of bears gathered around a table, obviously plotting something adorably nefarious. If you get close enough to the table, you should trigger the "Ted Offensive Plans Found" achievement.

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Honey jar locations

Now that you've found the Ted Offensive plans, five honey jars have now spawned around the map. Here's where every honey jar is located. Remember you also have to interact with the honey jars.

Honey Jar 1: In the northwest portion of D2 on the map, northwest of Pleasant Park. You'll find it nestled against a tree a hundred yards or so from a yellow house.

Honey Jar 2: At the northern edge of F3, at the north end of Frenzy Farm. Look for a red tractor. A tree very near that red tractor has the honey jar next to it.

Honey Jar 3: At the northeast edge of F5, under the large trees north of the river.

Honey Jar 4: At the western edge of E5, directly south of the Agency. You'll spot a small tree on the ridge overlooking the river. The honey jar is again resting against it.

Honey Jar 5: At the southwestern edge of C4, just northeast of Holly Hedges. Look for the small lake, and you'll find the honey jar resting against the large tree nearby.

And there you have it. Your teddy bear comrades would be proud. For your trouble, you get 40,000 XP, much like any other challenge.

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