Every vault location in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

fortnite vault locations
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Where are Fornite's new vaults located? What's even in the dang things? Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has introduced a ton of new elements as part of its Top Secret storyline. While there's plenty of uniquely new additions, it seems like Fortnite is taking another page out of Apex Legends' book by adding in unlockable vaults in multiple locations. You can also grab the new mythic weapons while you're there.

So where are these big ol' vaults, and how do you get your greedy mitts into them? Read on to find out.

Fortnite vault locations

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All the vaults are located at each of the secret agent bases scattered around the map. The picture above will show you where each vault is. Remember that to get into a vault, you'll need the mini-boss' special keycard, so go and defeat them, taking their mythic weapon as well.

Vault 1 location: You'll find Skye's vault in the northwest corner of the map, at her secret base that looks like a shark carved out of an island cliffside. Go to the lowest level of the base (accessible either by keycarding your way through the floors or by just entering the shark cave mouth), and you'll find at the end of the hallway of second lowest level (the one with the control center).

Vault 2: Meowscles' vault is located in the northeast corner of the map, on a large yacht that you won't miss. Look in the lower decks.

Vault 3: TNTina's vault is located at the Rig in the southeast portion of the map, just a bit southwest of Slurpy Swamp. Look for where the the "R" of "Rig" on your map is and that's where you'll find it.

Vault 4 location: Brutus' vault is located in the east portion of the map, south of Dirty Docks. You'll find him in the Grove. You can access the Grove in a variety of ways, including a couple of cave entrances on the east side of the coast, or through the holes in the cliff that looks like a skull.

Vault 5 location: Midas' vault is located at the Agency, which is the dead center of the map. If you enter from the south side of the Agency, head down the first major hallway on the right and keep looking to your right. You'll see a short stairway down one level, with the vault door right at the end.

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What's in each Fortnite vault?

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Vault 1 (Skye): 4 supply caches, 1 supply crate.

Vault 2 (Meowscles): 2 supply caches, 1 supply crate.

Vault 3 (TNTina): 1 supply cache, 1 supply crate, 3 ammo boxes, 3 chests.

Vault 4 (Brutus): 4 supply caches, 1 supply crate, 4 ammo boxes.

Vault 5 (Midas): 2 supply caches, 1 supply crate, 4 ammo boxes, 4 slurp cans, 2 chests.

Midas' vault seems to be a pretty clear winner, considering the variety of loot you can pull, but Brutus' and TNTina's vault will probably also do the trick for you.

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